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Warm water results at Corbetena.

We’re seeing some strange things happening in our world famous fishing grounds. First, we have 81 degree water, no kidding. It should be in the neighborhood of 75 degrees or lower. As a result of this and the storms up north we’re seeing an explosion of Fish! Sailfish, Dorado, Striped Marlin, even Blue Marlin are being boated. The entire area is alive with great action. Smaller fish in the bay for great family fishing days with Sierra Mackerels and then the larger species outside of the bay! With mostly blue water, there are some dirty water areas closer to shore. Plenty of blue water. Lot’s going on out there so stay with me!

Corbetena is on fire. With water temperatures hovering at 81 degrees the fishing is similar now to summer conditions. With Yellowfin Tuna from 100 to 200 lbs hurling themselves from the ocean you’ll be hard pressed to get them to take your bait. Now we’ve seen continuous YF Tuna at Corbetena now for two months strong. The biggest challenge with these Tuna is getting them to take your bait. With the “Little Tuna Crabs”, Krill Squid & Shrimps in the area even the Dorado are full of them! Fishing is always challenging, it’s up to the fisherman to figure out what works. The biggest reason for a more expensive and experienced captain! Dorado by the way are running from 20 to 30 lbs in this area. Sailfish are four miles north of the Rock aka Corbetena as are Stripe Marlin as well. The whole area is alive and flexing its muscles right now. Take advantage of this blessing if you’re in town! El Banco is just an area now many pass or ignore with Corbetena being closer and less expensive to get to. This of course means the fishing there could be great! Especially in these conditions. I’m sure Yellowfin tuna are full of these baby red crabs as well, but first you need to get out there! Marlin and Sailfish and Dorado all heavy probable at El Banco now! Are you feeling lucky?

Meanwhile at El Morro to the Sayulita area anything is possible. Dorado at 25 lbs, Sailfish to 90 lbs, Striped marlin, Rooster fish running 35 lbs around the surf line on sandy beaches. With the recent rains there is a Trash line that should be Dorado heaven so an eight hour trip isn’t too long of a day and not too expensive either. Not a lot to say when it’s just that simple. Tight budget, contact us about the shared boat options!

Inside the bay is amazing, seriously. We have Whale Sharks roaming the area, Whales and Dolphin all enjoying the massive amounts of bait. Of course we have Jack Crevalls to 50 lbs!! Dorado are running the entire area, many boats have been trolling close to shore and that can work, but the middle of the bay is also full of Dorado as well. Bonito are small but plentiful, we have Snook at the river mouths at 20 lbs and up. Sailfish are still running the La Cruz and Los Arcos area. Large Sierra Mackerels at 12 lbs, great tasting, fun to catch and abundant. Great for younger anglers or those who like Mackerels like me! Looking to save some money and have a lot of fun, bay fishing is a great and affordable option!

Water temperatures are warmer than usual, but not too strange, for now. Averaging at 81 degrees you could see swirling currents and cooler areas, but no green water for now. What bait to run is a toss-up. Marlin and some Dorado have been hitting the “Chiguil” lures of grey and green (keep that to yourself) and Dead bait! I know, dead bait when there’s massive amounts of Krill squids, Crabs, Sardines, Goggle eyes… Just massive amounts of Whale food out there. The bite has been a moving target as late. Some days being on the water early is a waste, other days you’re glad you were there early. For now figure on being at your chosen fishing grounds before 08:00. Different species seem to be hitting at different times so get there early.

By Popular Demand we’re renting Surf Fishing Poles

We have some new services like renting surf fishing poles (comes with a small pack of lures), you can now share a boat for eight hours affordably. And we also have some loss leader promotions you’ll find on my Facebook pages (Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle). Benjamin our Tour Expert can wrap this all up in one nice package so you don’t need to fret with some of these Bozos out there. 

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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