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Action Fishing Returns, It’s All About Jack Crevalles

Well, it’s starting. We’re seeing another massive infusion of Smaller Sardines and other baits moving into the area on top of what’s already out there. To call this whole area “Bait Landia” would not be an exaggeration. Water temperatures are staying steady between 73 and 75 degrees. The days are longer now, the water is warming on the surface and the “Seasonal Change” indicators are kicking in again. Soon we’ll be changing the clocks here in Mexico, I understand North America has already changed. Normally we get past Easter before we see the drastic results of swirling and clashing currents which result in coffee colored dirty water. Mix that in with the “clean green” and then the green water that looks like coffee is frustrating. There are some blue spots of water out past Corbetena a bit and of course north of El Banco. With this being a La Nina Year, we may be seeing the regular seasonal patterns returning to normal.

Water Temps Drop, Winter Currents, Krill, Mahi and Marlin

It was amazing, last week, what was looking so promising for the rest of “high season” for fishing, has now changed with the early indicators of early winter currents. Suddenly the drop in water temperatures dropped from 84 degrees to 79 degrees in a matter of a few days with early winter currents are going take it’s toll. We’re also seeing the winter currents stirring up the sediment on the ocean floors in some areas. When we get these winter currents, Krill or Whale food show move in as expected at this time of the year. The annual challenge of competing with local baits versus the baits you’re running is nothing new. It happens yearkly and the local Captains know how to deal with this. Having Said that, Blue Marlin are picking up in numbers and size. Dorado are still thick at Corbetena, Sailfish are spread out, with concentrations from Punta Mita aka Punta Nayarit to Corbetena and El Morro. Fishing is always the process of dealing with daily challenges, nothing new there. Normally they come about a month later in the season. Are you up for the challenge?

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta, La Nina, Whale Food and Fishing Challenges

Welcome to another week of winter fishing in Puerto Vallarta. Yes, I said winter fishing, but that’s not quite right. In fact, it’s another week of La Nina fishing. Now you all know we get El Nino and the opposite of this is La Nina. That means what we would normally expect, isn’t happening.  Water temps are what’s throwing the fishing community into a loop. Normally at this time of the year we’d be looking at less than 70 degree water temperatures. Right now we’re looking at 74 degrees, unchanged now for three weeks, unusual at best. This does is throw the entire “fishing calendar” off. We should be seeing Red Snappers, Bass, Grouper and several other winter species. There is normally a six to ten week window we get for this great fishing in the bay. This year it isn’t happening. Now it may still happen, but for now it’s not. So the Question remains, what is happening?

Water Temps Drop Again, Roosters in Sayulita, Freak Fishing

With a title like that, you must be wondering what this is all about. We’ve been waiting for the “cold” water all winter. Well it’s finally here as we see another dip in water temperatures and an increase in Krill squids and shrimp, Sardines and more. With massive amounts of bait it can present a challenge to get fish to take your offering or presentation (aka baits). Everyone is catching fish, some days are better than others. But if you don’t catch fish now, you must be either jinxed or on a boat with an “unlucky” captain. All and all the fishing is great, short days, longer durations, it doesn’t matter so get on the water already!!