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Your Online Sportfishing Options and What You Don’t Know

During this “Pandemic” fishing here in Puerto Vallarta is locked down, we’re not even allowed to go fishing on a private boat. For now of course we’re in the same boat as the rest of the world. Being in the “Big Game Fishing” business I’m naturally very keen on the market around me. With the internet now we have all sorts of options available online. Great looking sites, look very professional, but what do you know about this company, I mean it’ not Amazon now is it? With companies like Master Baiter’s or Mikes Fishing, you can easily find the owner and get any contact information you may want. But when you’re looking at some web page which is booking second or third rate fishing boats in Puerto Vallarta, what do you know about these people or this company. Remember online sites are not regulated by the authorities. What does this mean, stay tuned!