Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta Bounces Back, Yellowfin at El Banco, Conditions Improving

Coming out of the worst financial disaster in more than 75 years, Puerto Vallarta is bouncing back. Compared to this time last year with the Cruxification of Mexico (H1N1 LIES), PV is bouncing back to something that resembles the business community a year earlier. Still with tourism down in PV in the thirty percent range (improving daily) I’m just happy to have weathered the storm as we move into SUMMER, YeHa! Not only the economy is bouncing back, so it the fishing, finally! For the Yellowfin fanatics on a budget now would be a good time to break the piggy bank. The weather is warming up, the crowds will come again come early June again, and we have what they will be looking for now! With the slow down after Easter, there are deals to be had, favorable weather, conditions and full fishing grounds, not to mention the favorable exchange rate. It’s time you bounced on down to Mexico before it gets really hot and humid!

OK, so I did my pitch for PV, but the fishing grounds are showing even more signs of life this week as we creep closer to Fishing High Season. Coming out of winter we are seeing the return of Yellowfin Tuna in the area. El Banco or The Bank in English has been doing a perimeter dance. Anywhere from ten miles south, to ten miles west, to ten miles north you will find YF Tuna in the 60 to 200 + pound range! That’s the wonderful news, the not so wonderful news is they are in a feeding frenzy with all the six inch Squids traveling with the warmer currents! There are also these tiny Sardinas or Sardines and they’re thick. I mean really thick, if you are lucky enough to turn their heads and take a bait, you find their mouth is so full of these tiny baits, you can’t believe they went for more! It´s like they were smoking Fish Pot and they’ve got these unstoppable munchies! When these fish hit the deck, you think these fish are disintegrating with the bait parts flying around the deck. I mean you think these fish are diseased until you realize it’s bait! Marlin and Sailfish have been spotted all over this area, yet they´re not taking baits either. It´s a frustration dream which should clear it’s self out shortly. Still, you should have a nice window before these early season YF Tuna move on.

Corbeteña has been shunned for the last week with the dirty water, red tide and with lack of positive news coming in. But when El Banco begins to fire, it’s just a matter of time before the Rock is the center of action again. Still, Cubera Snappers, Rainbow Runners, and Amber Jacks are all strong and determined fighters which are always in the neighborhood!

El Moro and the Reefs this week remain a ¨No Brainer¨. Plenty of fish to choose from, and eight hour day is well worth the fuel money now with Jack Crevalls (25lbs), Bonito (30 lbs), Dorado (25 lbs), Jack Crevalls, Amber Jacks, and the list goes on. There have been Sailfish and Striped Marlin sightings and some hook-ups… nothing boated. So again, encouraging and frustrating, welcome to fishing!

Sayulita has been seeing Rooster fish lately in the 35 lb range, not much else though. The point of Punta Mita has small Dorado, ¨chickens¨ as they’re referred to. Not enough reasons to head up this way. Now if you are in the south end of Banderas Bay, then you have been enjoying Skip Jack Tuna in the 35 to 50 lb range in the Yelapa Area, just a few miles out to close in. Surf fishing in Yelapa and around Boca has been excellent. If you consider a forty pound fish big, then you will love this action.

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Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish….

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