Seasonal changes bring challenges to Sports Fisherman

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is in its annual idle mode condition. With Tourism down as kids are getting out of school the action is at something less than a frenzy pace! This is a normal condition for us in Marina Vallarta and frankly if it was going to happen, this is the time of the year for it to happen. Transition and season changes bring all sorts of challenges to Sports Fisherman with spawning, water temperatures and abundant bait in the water challenges to figure out and over come. Those who want to go fishing will catch fish, no question about that. Those looking for Moby Dick or his cousin in the bay will be disappointed, ignore that time share agent. Small Game fish abound, fishing is great and the conditions are perfect! Those looking for Black or Blue Marlin will have to wait a couple of months more.  

If you were out near El Banco or Corbeteña, you were alone. With very few people heading out to Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing grounds it is very difficult to get a real feel for what is happening. If you head out on a heading of 305 to 315 about ten to fifteen miles off the point of Punta Mita you will find Striped Marlin. Sailfish are in the area also but they are mostly small and ignoring baits. This can´t last much longer so stay tuned… Corbeteña is one of those locations where coming back empty handed is unlikely.  Many will ignore the bottom fishing at the Rock. With cooler water the Cubera Snappers like this and will hang out in the structure just off the rock. Great Tasting, large up to 75 – 80 lbs.  Amber Jacks, Rainbow Runners are always in the area as well. No Yellowfin Tuna to speak of at last check. So if you head out to the rock, let me know how it went, pictures appreciated. I will post them on my blog.

North of Punta Mita Rooster Fish are taking Baits if you have the money and the time to head up to San Pancho or San Francisco in English. This will be a minimum of a ten hour day, but in my opinion the size that has been coming in at 50 to 70 lbs makes it worth the shot.

Right now the whole story is about El Morro / Marietta Islands. The Rocks and areas between the islands are full of fish. The only question is; do they feel like eating today? If they do, then there are several species on the list. Snappers in the 20 to 35 lb range, African Pompano, Jack Crevalls, Amber Jacks, Bonito, Needle fish and more. Noticeably absent are Dorado, Rooster Fish are here as well, but are still not taking baits, go figure.

Closer in to shore the species are pretty much the same. At the river mouths there are always Roballo or Snook in English. Many Skip Jacks near the shore, smaller Jack Crevalls and of course the ever present Bonita. Short days are producing fish for those looking for action.  

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Last Minute Update: Rooster fish took bait today at the Marietta Islands, Lots of Sailfish in the area fifteen miles directly north off the point of Punta Mita and Blue Marlin just a little farther out…. Good news as we see water temperatures rising the last few days. More humidity in the air means the late winter may finally be coming to an end. If Rooster Fish are taking baits, then all the other species should be about ready to pay attention to something other than a lady fish! Lets hope!!

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish….

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