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This is what we call ¨Slow¨in Vallarta! 50 lb Jack Crevalls!
This is what we call ¨Slow¨in Vallarta! 50 lb Jack Crevalls!

Roller Coaster Conditions Changing By the Moment, Sailfish Reappear off Sayulita

January 4,2011

Another day and conditions are changing faster than I can post an article. There have been a few changes for the positive lately and this is good news for all of us interested in some winter fishing action. With the rapidly changing water temperatures and conditions in general mixed with a real lack of clients heading out to the fishing grounds, we are taking our best guess and heading where we think things should be good. What that really means is people are playing follow the leader when it comes time to head out fishing. If one boat caught a bunch of fish in one location, the next day several if not many, boats are heading out to that spot. If a boat comes in with fish and they don´t tell where they were, the same boat will have other boats waiting for them at the mouth of the Marina who follow them to the productive spots from the previous days. This in turn makes the previous spots over crowded, the fish dive or sound as we call it and then the fishing is over in that area. Then it turns into the same mess. The experienced captains know not to share all their secrets. Even in crowded conditions, not everyone catches fish, yet others seem to always come in with fish consistantly! This is where experience comes in and having the right equipment. It´s all vital, the boat itself while it may be very nice, the boat on its own will catch you nothing without a good crew and well equipped.

Everyone lately has been heading out to the Marietta Islands and chasing Roosterfish along with Snappers, some Cuberas there as well in the 50 to 60 lb range, Pompano, Skip Jack  Tuna, Sierra Mackerals, the occasional Dorado, Bonito, and the list goes on. Some strange stuff has happened as well, like Yellowtail, not Yellowfin tuna, but Yellowtail which is a cooler water species that we used to see in California and even in Cabo. But in Puerto Vallarta, this never happens. We have also seen Sea Bass, another cold water fish we never see, yet they have been boated at the Marietta Islands in freak instances. This is just another sign of cold water bringing in cold water winter species we almost never see. If this trend continues I will be much happier with the colder water temps! Stay tuned….

Normally when winter arrives in Puerto Vallarta we see an invasion of Jack Crevalls. They love cold water and these fish have saved many a day on the water for anglers. Finally they are back in large numbers near the south end of the bay, to the middle areas of the bay. This of course means that in ten minutes they´ll be everywhere in the bay and that sits well with me. It means the short or half day trips will have plenty of smaller action. If a 30 to 50lb Jack Crevall can be considered smaller action! With the Sierra Mackeral population increasing along with Bonitos the shorter days are producing now very well. Snappers closer to the rocks and of course anything is possible in the bay at any given time. So now if you have a short fishing budget, you can still enjoy yourself. One thing to remember is there have been Dorado in the area between El Faro at the southern point of the bay to El Morro. So if you’re in the area, give it a shot.

Bait conditions have changed. Bait is getting harder to make these days and the two inch Sardines that have been hanging around have either been eaten or they moved on. Google Eyes are available in the bay again so this is the primary live bait along with the Chorras or Bait sized fish of Bonito, Mackerals or Skip Jacks. So that is good news!

No reports from Corbeteña or El Banco lately. If you are looking for Yellowfin Tuna, the Tres Maria Islands are the place to be. The size has diminished a little, but the action is still exhausting for sure. The Yellowfin are in the 60 to 125lb range. Smaller than last week, but that’s the way it goes amigo. We’re just real happy for what we´re seeing now with these cooler water temperatures.

Right now there have been Sailfish Sightings off Sayulita and there has been a lot of Rooster Action in this area. But the water has been dirty out this way which makes it difficult at times. But with the Sailfish and Dorado there hovering on the surface, casting a bait to them will get their attention. I have a boat out today with a small group, this was the plan today so stay tuned for more info later in the week!

Off Punta Mita is the same recent story, Dorado possibilities, Snappers and Jack Crevalls. For the time and fuel dollar you´re better off heading just a ways up north to Sayulita and take your shot there. San Pancho has also been ignored for the most part as well and this area is normally a hot spot for Sailfish and Striped Marlin come winter time. But we´re not seeing the fishing enthusiast, we´re seeing the kind of guy that  will go fishing if it´s not too expensive type. And these types are looking at shorter days as in normal for this time of the year. With raising price of fuel, less and less are willing to explore the coast line without recent reports. So there you have it, nobody will head out ¨That  way¨ until somebody has already been there with positive results. At least you won’t find a crowd following you to your secret spot!

We had a dead period there for a few weeks that had us all wondering what the deal was. But it looks like the winter species are finally moving in which means more fish and better fishing everywhere. Its hard to make a call as what will happen with Sailfish and Dorado, but there are still out there in smaller numbers. This could change if you find warm spots and sunny days help that! Rooster fish are hanging around nicely, but this can change also, let’s hope things stay the same for a little longer…

Until Next Time, Don´t Forget To Kiss Your Fish

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