A fishermans fantasy.... Quickie Report…  No long reports for the moment.. just a quickie!

Sailfish have shown up in the bay, highly unusual, but with all the bait in the water, it doesn´t surprise me. Check out the photo. I left it as large as possible, but this is what the sails and the roosters have been stuffing themselves with.

This photo is not something the average guy sees everyday… Enjoy the photos…. The bay is better than at Corbeteña at the moment… Dorado in ten hours up north, but the size is mostly small…..

Rainy season is coming soon, so be prepared if coming to PV with light rain gear and umbrellas if walking around…. then everything is perfect, you’re perpared…. 

Lots of intense action in the bay, Jack Crevalls are thick… Stay tuned for more on this shortly…. Feel free to contact me if you have questions….

Stan Master Baiter´s wwww.MasterBaiters.com.mx

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