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Yellowfin Tuna at the Tres Maria Islands, Capt Victor, 1st mate Fleco
Yellowfin Tuna at the Tres Maria Islands, Capt Victor, 1st mate Fleco

PV Fishing Conditions: Winter Fishing Takes Hold

February 7, 2011

Here in Puerto Vallarta you may hear fishing is slow. Now that is a term that can mean several things, it can mean fish are not biting, it can mean the fish are smaller or it can mean that there are not very many boats heading out. It can mean also mean that there are fish in the Bay, but they won´t be 100 lbs like so many of the return fish snobs will say. Me, I downplay the winter fishing conditions because if you truly want huge fish, they are here.

Now if you mean things are slow due to few charters heading out, you´d be right. Not many boats are heading out these days with the bad economy and negative reports about Mexico, yes we would call it slow. If slow means the fish are less than 100lbs, then yes it´s slow.  But if you say slow means the fishing is bad, well then we have something to discuss. Yes the fishing is slower in the amount of fish coming in, but that doesn´t mean there are no fish to be had. If you are like most people in Puerto Vallarta at this time of the year then a fish less than 100 lbs would still be fun, then you are the guy I want to talk with!

So this slow season, we are still seeing Yellowfin Tuna in the 100 lb and up range to just under 250 lbs. But this is slow since we have to head out to the Tres Maria Islands. The photo attached is what you can expect, but be warned this is a longer day and will run you 14 hrs on average with smoother seas. This is only two hours longer in duration that heading out to El Banco, yet it seems to be enough to stop those with the money yet short on time. Striped Marlin is also in the area as well, so you have large fish if you want them. Check out the picture with Capt. Victor of Fish Hog, and his brother Fleco as first mate. These guys are young, but strong! They catch fish!

The Marietta Islands, a top producing spot for the last few months is seeing the number of Rooster fish diminish to the point fewer and fewer are being boated lately. The African Pompano have stepped up in their place lately and they have been nice sized in the 20 to 50lb range. Great tasting and a fierce fighter, they are fun to catch and great tasting! Snappers, Sierra Mackerals and Snappers with the occasional very small grouper in the area. Jack Crevalls have been kinda absent in the area for some reason, but this will chance I am sure soon. All and all this is still a great place to head out to …..

The area between Corbeteña and El Morro (neighbor to the Marietta Islands) has seen Sailfish sightings, but none boated lately. We are seeing some dirty water conditions in all areas and this is another indication of strong, swirling currents making fishing a challenge these days. If the fish can see the bait, they may take the bait. But then again nobody has boated one yet so there you go…

Corbeteña and El Banco have been less than exciting lately with dirty water conditions as well. This doesn´t last long and in a few days this will most likely clear up. The fishing here has been on or off with Yellowfin and Striped Marlin in the area or nothing is seems. But once you hit the high spots at El Banco make a setting to dead north and you´ll come across fish for sure. You may just discover you are close to the Marietta Islands before you know it. Be ready for dirty water there as well.

Inside the bay is less than spectacular, but there have been some smaller snappers around structure / rocks. Sierra Mackerals are still all over the place, but on the smaller side as well. Grouper have been boated, small and tasty for sure. Jack Crevalls have been a little sparse lately which is why if you are considering fishing in the bay, you need to give yourself six hours to find fish or a spot that is producing. This is fishing and there is no way around it come this time of the year.

So don´t get excited, just get out there. There are whales, Manta Rays, Dolphin everywhere and the worst thing that would happen to you is you catch fish and see some natural wonders in the bay.  If you are going to be stressed out if you don’t come in with fish, then maybe it would be a better week for golf. But if a day filled with promise and beauty still sounds good, you know where to find me amigos! I´ll be on the water with you!   

That right now is the latest and greatest, until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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