Stan Gabruk with a nice day at El Morro
Stan Gabruk with a nice day at El Morro

Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing, Every Hurricane Has A Yellowfin Tuna Silver Lining


It looks like things are loosening up at the fishing grounds after weeks of no rain, no bait and very few Yellowfin to speak of due to all sorts of things. But there have been some signs of life at Corbeteña, El Banco and the Marietta Islands. We´ve had a hurricane, rain, and the reappearance of the trash line. So there is reason to be a little excited about the possibilities at least for the next few days! Even if it all sounds a little scarey! 

Now Hurricane Jemena is passing Puerto Vallarta and is a category five Hurricane. Now that is a major Hurricane and it´s a slow mover on its way to Cabo. Now Cabo Looks safe, but the Silver Lining in Hurricanes is the fact that fish will get pushed away from the storm and this means fish to the anglers lucky enough to be able to take advantage of this situation. Now you don´t want to be out there just after the storm, but wait a day and you could have some spectacular memories! Now this is common knowledge, so I´m not sharing any secrets with you. As long as you’re outside its path, then hurricanes can be the Anglers friend. It will bring fish to the surface, and rain cooled water these days has a strong appeal. For some reason, unknown to me, they like the ¨sweet, fresh water¨ conditions, which of course bring them to the surface. 

Now, like I mentioned earlier, El Banco and Corbeteña have loosened up and people are coming in with fish. Marlin (350 lbs +), Sailfish (35 – 50 + lbs) and yes, even Yellowfin Tuna. They´ve been hanging in the 60 lbs to 125 lbs. range.  Kinda small for this time of the year, but still very welcome for those looking for the blue plate special. Now the tournament a couple of weeks ago produced 245 lb Yellowfin Tuna Winner, but I haven´t seen anything that large since. But again, being an El Nino year, we´ll be happy for what we see or get. At both Corbeteña and El Banco, Marlin and larger Dorado have been taking baits as well. You still need a down rigger and a kite, along with all the color you can find for your lures. Try everything and if you find the right combination, then you´re in the fish! Come Wednesday, the fishing should be great and hopefully will last like a hurricane hangover! 

Now we all know that Corbeteña is special to me. Flexible, lots of natural structure and possibilities when it comes to different species, mix in a little bait and you´ve got a day you may never forget. With the deep troughs just around the ¨Rock¨ there are Yellowfin Tuna, possible very large in the 100 lb plus range. You´ve always got Cubera Snapper or Dog tooth Pargo up to 60 lbgs or larger. Sailfish have been known to take over the place and of course on any given day, Mahi in the larger ranges up to and over 50 lbs. is always a strong possibility! Yep, I love Corbeteña. If this location isn´t working, head towards El Banco on a slow troll using a down rigger at 100 or more feet down and anything is possible. El Nino is not the death of fishing, it´s an opportunity to open your mind, think out of the box and try new and varied things. Skirts on the nose of a Google eye is always a good trick. Hey, give it a shot, nothing is carved in stone when it comes to this level of fishing! 

El Morro is still it´s predictable self. Rooster fish, Needle fish, Jack Crevalls, smaller Mahi and the list goes on. Still a great close in location for getting nice game fish. 

The Marietta Islands have seen many Sailfish this past week, but not too many strikes. I don’t´know if it was the bait presentation or just being temperamental. But the last day or so this has changed with sails in the 80 inch or longer range. Now that we´re coming into Sailfish season in PV, they´ll be more and more abundant as we come closer to November. Now November is special around here because at the end of the month we have the 54th Pez Vela Tourneo. Or in English, The 54th Sailfish Tournament. It´s a big deal and a lot of fun! If you´re interested in participating, I have a bunch of boats that are reasonably priced, we don´t double the cost of the boats like most do. This year Master Baiter´s will have our newest boat, the Guerro Azteca, a 48 ft. 2009 Viking that is nothing short of Spectacular. It´s also no more than three weeks old!  Not to mention it´s also kinda on the pricy side. But a 1.5 Million Dollar beauty like this is not going to go cheap. This boat will get you to El Banco, fifty miles out, in ninety minutes! Not the two hour plus trip on a ¨fast¨ boat. So those of you interested in ¨line in the water time¨ should love this. After all, you´re paying to fish, not a boat ride! Now if you´re interested in an overnight trip (we are one of the few companies that offer this option), you can enjoy the luxury of an air conditioned cabin, on a superior boat, with a world class captain. If this sounds good to you, then this is the boat for you. Naturally not everyone will be able to afford this jewel of the sea, it´s not meant for everyone. If you´re not in that market, no worries amigos, we´ve got six Sportfishing boats and a couple of yachts to work with. So no worries, we´ve got something for every budget… 

Inside the bay, the rains have helped a lot! The trash line has returned and the clean water side is still it´s productive self. Toss a Rapalla or diamond jig just a foot or so in the clean water side and you´ll be surprised what happens. Smaller Mahi, Roosters, Bonito, Snappers, Needle fish and more will be in the area feeding on the organic matter and smaller fish. So if you decide to make it a short day on the water, then why not look for this trash line and you too could come in with a smile that won´t leave your face. With Fajita Bananas or Victors restaurants there to cook your catch, the fun doesn´t have to end. Nothing better than fresh from the fishing grounds sea food! Even a guy like me can never get enough of this! 

One little secret this past week is the area just before Punta Mita called Litibu has exploded with Rooster Fish in the 30 lb range, Dorado in the same size range, Snappers, Jack Crevalls and the list goes on. Now you may ask why it´s better in this area and not farther out. Well friends the water in the bay is just a little cooler now and with the seasonal rains picking up, the closer in to shore, the cooler the water for some reason. Maybe it´s the cool rains, maybe it´s the extra oxygen in the water, maybe it’s the availability of bait. But whatever the reason is, there are fish to be had there. Casting, trolling, drifting, it´s working closer in, so this is the secret this week. Save your money and hit the in-shore areas. 

One thing that Puerto Vallarta has been without is regulations. Nobody in PV to enforce the laws means that nobody follows the laws. If you can pay your way out of having to have a fishing license, operating papers called Matriculas or insurance and safety equipment on board, you can sell your charters cheaper than those afraid to operate that way. For years this is how thing have been, corruption knows no boundaries amigos. But it looks like all that is going to change. I was talking with the govt. organization that controls the fishing licenses in Mexico and they tell me soon they´ll have an office in Marina Vallara to purchase your licenses. So no internet B.S. and less hassle purchasing a license. Now this is supposed to happen in the near future, but when exactly, I don´t know. With the recent discovery that a Sportfishing charter Game Fish can generate up to ten thousand dollars per fish, the Mexican Govt. has seen the light amigos. In Cabo to go out and come back in, without being checked these days for licenses and appropriate papers is very rare indeed! You see there is a fortune in fines also! About a year ago I was writing on how the local authorities there were handing out copies of the fishing regulations to everyone. This was their way of letting people know that the laws will be enforced, so here they are. Now, fishing regulations are being enforced in Cabo. The same is about to happen here in PV amigos. So make sure you´re up in the regulations. If you´re not, then contact me I´ll fire you off a copy of a pamphlet I scanned some time back. So you´ll know it’s illegal to filet your fish at sea. No matter how fresh you´re trying to keep your fish! This activity will get you a stiff fine if they can´t tell how many of which species you came in with. That´s right, you can get busted for that one! As things seem to go, you´ll be the first one who´s made an example of. You wouldn´t want to be the guy who gets caught, trust me! So be smart, be careful and be safe. It doesn´t hurt to be smart either! You’ve been warned. Come November and the Pez Vela Tournament, I’d expect licenses to be checked closely! Stay tuned….. 

If you don´t already know, I have begun doing a online fishing program on Bandaresnews (dot) com called the Vallarta Fishing Experience (PVYAFCA) and it´s a kick in the pants to do. My first show was about the 3rd Annual Marlin and Tuna Tournament held in La Cruz Marina this year. It was fun and the winning fish were big, worthy of a tournament of this caliber. You can tune in and check it out every other week. But I´ll also have video fishing reports so you can see the boats daily catch, if they´re not filleted at sea. Now the program is not about Master Baiter’s, but I do get my opportunities to promote us and other reputable companies / captains! The fourth and firth of September is the Ujena Bikini Jam Tournament, I´ll be doing a program with the models this Thursday on Mikes Fishing charters and it should be interesting. I just wish I was young enough to interest some of these girls. But I´ve come to know several of them, so I think I´ll invite my ¨friends¨ in bikinis along for the show. It´s tough work, but somebody has to do it… It´s all fun, so check it out and hopefully we´ll do this for years to come. 

Because people are looking for deals, yet still want to hit the better fishing grounds, at Master Baiter´s ® we have started a Shared Boat Fishing Party for $250.00 usd per person. You´ll head out to Corbeteña (10 hr trip) with a well equipped boat and have a ¨real¨ shot at boating that finned fantasy you came to Mexico for. 

You can still contact me for more information at . You can also be my Facebook Friend at this different email address: and see my Fish Pic of the day. I also have a blog that is linked so if you´re interested in the daily happenings around Marina Vallarta and the fishing scene, connect with me and you´ll be informed and armed when it comes time to go fishing! It’s real time, daily information and those in the area of Marina Vallarta will find it useful. I also post weather conditions like Hurricanes etc.  I am doing everything you can do including Twitter (MasterBaiters) so check it out. 

Well, that’s about it for this week, until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish! 

We Still Guarantee Your Catch or 30% of your money back.  We are the only company I KNOW OF that does this anywhere! Only on specific company boats (company boats only in Marina Vallarta Store on the boardwalk). If you ask, we are also giving free hour fishing with every charter (except 12 hr charters) and a free T-shirt to who ever catches the biggest fish! That’s about a $125.00 usd value. Take advantage of this insider offer for reading my articles.  

Master Baiter´s now has a host of sites and features you can check out or become involved in. OK, if you´re interested in my Biweekly news letter contact me at:   Or My Public  Photo gallery is here under the name: Puerto Vallarta!  Facebook:  MasterBaiter Stan …. My, Puerto Vallarta Sport Fishing Blog:  We have World Famous T-shirts, Hats and other souvenirs items to choose from. We´ve been on featured on Jay Leno, David Letterman’s op ten, Marlin Magazine, Western Out Door News and several other publications in print and online. We’re recommended in Fodor’s Travel guide for PV. Fishing and Tours Phone from Canada / USA: 011 52 322 209 11 28.. In P.V.: (322) 209 11 28 

Warning: There is a pirate Master Baiter’s site that is in the process of being closed down by the Mexican authorities both on the internet and in a store in town. But the legal system is slow in Mexico, so if you visit any cloned site that claims to be Master Baiter´s offering guaranteed prices, at sites OTHER than, you are NOT dealing with me (Stan Gabruk) directly, . They even say they´re me on the phone, so don´t be fooled by imposters!  

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Fishing Report for Aug. 31, 2009 for Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle

Written by: Stan Gabruk.

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    You dont know me, but i have fished p.v. about 7 times, with a little bit of luck, i now know that the next time i fish in p.v, it will be on one of your boats, I try to read as much of your writing as i can find, its very informative and well written, by far the best reports that have i read on p.v fishing!! Thank you for that, my group and i will be down in april 2010 for my sisters wedding, there should be a pretty good size group coming fishing, maybe 10 to 15 ppl!! Anyway im sure well be talking soon enough.
    keep the reports coming !!
    Alex Mcdonnell
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