Twenty Pesos with Swine flu Protection
Twenty Pesos with Swine flu Protection

Sunday, Aug 9th Pres. Obama came once again to Mexico. This time to discuss Swine Flu, NAFTA, Economic conditions of the ¨Tres Caballos¨ or Canada, Mexico and the USA.

If you remember the last visit from Pres. Obama, the swine flu sprung up just after. Now i don´t blame the Pres for this. But his cabinet members were among the first in the news with theis disease. Mexicans on the street discuss how this was all a conspiricy, involving he pres. of Mexico also, to kill tourism in Mexico in an effort to keep the American Dollars up north to help save the economy in the States. Now in the beginning it sounded a little crazy, then when we had no visible signs of any Swine flu or H1N1, Europe, Canada and of course the United States airlines stopped coming to mexico, period. Everything just stopped. Business now are closing amazingly fast, now that their cash reserves have run out since the end of  March when this all got going.

As a business owner, in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta to be exact, one of the major tourism locations of Mexico, is like a ghost town when looking for North American Tourist. Now Mexican Nationals are here, but even they are in reduced numbers. The hotels after closing for weeks, have reopened for the Mex. National clients. So the hotels are at least getting support from the nationals.

Now in August, we hear how this Swine flu can mutate into something much worse and my god, you better be scared of what ¨could¨ happen. Or as the fairy tale goes, ¨The Sky is Falling¨…. Run for your lives…

Well, let a local tell you what we know. Until recently there have been no swine flu incidents in Puerto Vallarta. Those with the bug brought it with them. I know more people in the states with this flu, than here in PV. In fact, I don´t know anyone who has contracted it in Mexico.  Interesting statement, I live in tourism central and I know people in the state with this disease. But in Mexico, Swine Flu Central, I don´t know of anyone with this disease? Seems a little strange don´t you think….

The bottom line here is we could talk about the Flu, Drug Wars, Economy, etc. but the truth is out there if you search for it. But if you don´t want to search for it, then you can find some interesting facts at:  Without the CNN and FoxNews spin on things!

Share this information with your friends coming to Mexico who are a little nervous about the trip.

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