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Hello and Welcome To Our Boats! We have great fishing year round here in Puerto Vallarta. Scroll down to see boats and skip the following facts and data which supports your day on the water if you’re already familiar with Master Baiter’s. If not we suggest you take the time to acquaint yourself with our company and at the same time have the following information at your “fingertips”. 

We have several charter options to choose from, I’m sure we have one that best fits your needs:

As experienced professional fisherman we know what a fishing trip should be so our motivations are in line with yours. For that reason, we have a deeper commitment to having professional equipment, fresh line and smooth Drags. Our Captains and Crews speak English so the only way you´ll have a communication problem is if you start speaking Espanol!

We put 10  to 15 baits on the boat, depending on the trip duration. You have the option of buying more. If it looks like extra live bait is needed, we´ll let you know this before you go out. Nothing worse than running out of live bait when it’s the only thing working that day.

Even if you´re not a professional, we´ll treat you like you are and look out for the things you would never know you need.

As far as Tackle and Equipment goes, you won’t find any better than my boats are equipped with. No worries there…… Also we don’t waste your time with a low end product that doesn’t use fuel. By that I mean almost all fishing boats and companies are using less fuel, which means heading to the fishing grounds could take more than double the time Master Baiters’s takes to get to the same location. Many boats are going about 10 mph dragging baits as they skip on top of the water. This means the crew is trying to make you think  you’re fishing, they may even say that you are “fishing”, but what you’re actually doing is getting screwed if you didn’t know this up front! If you look at what you’re paying for, a full service charter or fishing trip, then you’re losing fishing time. And lets face it, you’re paying for time with your line in the water at the chosen fishing grounds. Looking at cheaper and lower quality boats it looks like a better deal until you find out the hard way that in stead of having six fishing hours on an eight hour charter, you’re getting maybe, maybe four, probably three house fishing where you paid to go! So if the price is the only question you’re asking then you’ll get what you paid for. Remember a Mexican business man is not going to lose money, they’re in business to make money and catch fish. If that means cutting prices and services then they’ll do that. We won’t, we have a higher expectation of ourselves and we know what the Fishing enthusiast is looking for. English speaking crews, Professional level maintained equipment like reels with smooth drags, fresh line and plenty of lures and color to insure you have the best chances of coming in with that “Bucket List” finned fantasy you’ve been dreaming about! Master Baiter’s is one of the very few fishing companies with the federal SECTUR tourism licenses where we’re certified as a reputable company with the full support of the board of Tourism and Consumer Protection Agency or PROFECO. So ask for this license from our competition and if the person you’re talking with has no clue of this license, you’re dealing with the wrong people. 

Our Boats:

“Master Baiter’s Panga 1 “

Superior Quality Panga, 150 hp Engines, Ice, Bait, Licenses, Insured boat, Electronics, Waters, English speaking crew, Plenty of shade, Service oriented crew!  


“Master Baiter’s Panga 2 “

28FT Super Panga, 4 to Choose from

Charter Prices:


El Duende   

28 ft Bertram with Built-in Head

Charter Pricing:


Buddy 26 ft Panga 

Beautiful and affordable Panga,

Charter Pricing:



Master Baiters™ Company Boat

31 FT Bertram Classic,Tourn. Ready

Charter Price:


D.D. 32 ft Sportfisher

Charter Prices:


35 Ft Cabo 


35 ft. Cabo Convertible Sportfisher Tournament Ready!

Charter Prices:



M.D., 36 ft Hatteras Sportfisher 

38ft. Luhrs Convertible Sportfisher (Max. Capacity 10 people), with all the comforts of home; Air Conditioned, Luxury Salon, Full Kitchen with Refrigerator and Stove, Clean head, Huge Cockpit,  Ice, Bait, English Speaking Crew, Fuel, Licenses, Top of the line Equipment,  Full electronics package, Fresh Line, Tight drags, Kites, Live well, Tuna Tubes, Outriggers, Downriggers, Fighting Chair (this boat uses harnesses as well). Everything except food and drinks, Affordable Box Lunches available at local Coffee shop, we can fix you up on this.This boat is insured, has safety certificates as required by the Navy, Operating license, fishing licenses for 8 people


Yachts Available: 50% Deposits on all Yacht Reservations, no exceptions.

“Moon and Stars”                No Fishing On This Boat!

Moon & Stars, 40 ft Sea Ray Express “Cruiser”

Huge Bow Tanning Bed, Luxury Cabin, English Speaking crew, Large ice chest, Ice, licensed, insured, registered with safety certifications, radio, water, sodas and beer included. Perfect for groups up to ten people. NO FISHING ON THIS BOAT!




Mi Suenos,

 60 ft Sea Ray Sedan Bridge, Located in La Cruz Marina

     Not a Fishing Yacht, But we can run lures in the bay, no live bait

60 ft Sea Ray Sedan Bridge Luxury Yacht, 12 adults Max.


Luxury Salon y Galley


Morning fare, Fresh fruit and breakfast burritos in the morning, coffee, tea, pastries

Included: Fuel, Water, and ice are included in the price. Food and drinks are the responsibility of the client. We can arrange Catering or other services as long as they’re legal. Snorkeling Equipment is also provided. 

Marina Vallarta Pick Up is $450 usd 

These are the services as well as snorkeling equipment and fishing if you like….
  • 4 Hrs – Bay Cruise, $2,000 usd        
  • 6 Hrs – Bay Cruise, $2,600.00 usd
  • 8 Hrs – Cruise, $3,100.00 usd
  • 10 Hrs – Call for Price
  • 12 Hrs – Call for price
  • Over-Night – $5,700 usd.
    Requires 50% Deposit, 2 people max., Return following day at 5:00 pm.
  • Extra charge per person over 12 people of $60 usd per person, absolute max is  20 people! 

Roar, 70 ft Hatteras Classic 

ROAR 70 FT Hatteras Yacht


ROAR 70 FT Hatteras Yacht interior


Morning fare, Fresh fruit and breakfast burritos in the morning, coffee, tea, pastries
Lunch: Shish Kabob, or fajitas or tacos with steak, Chicken and shrimp, with vegetables and salad. .. Guacamole / chips, … Chef on board and two girl stewardesses as servers…. All drinks, onboard .. soda, water, beer, open bar, Captain and Mate.. five crew total….
These are the services as well as snorkeling equipment and fishing if you like….




Day trips – or – Multi-Day Tuna Experience Trips

44 ft Bay-liner  Day Trips, Fishing, Touring locally  -or –

Targeting Yellowfin Tuna in Puerto Vallarta World famous fishing grounds 100 miles to the north of Banderas Bay.

Dylan is a 44 ft Bayliner, this picture is a little distorted but not much.
44 ft. Bayliner, very comfortable fishing boat (Max. Capacity 10 people day trips), with all the comforts of home; Air Conditioned, Comfortable Salon, Full Kitchen with Refrigerator and Stove, Clean head, Shaded Cockpit,  Ice, Bait, English Speaking Crew, Fuel, Licenses, Top of the line Equipment,  Full electronics package, Fresh Line, Tight drags, Kites, Live well, Tuna Tubes, Outriggers,  Fighting chair (this boat uses harnesses as well). Everything except food and drinks, Affordable Box Lunches available at local Coffee shop, we can fix you up on this.This boat is insured, has safety certificates as required by the Navy, Operating license, fishing licenses for 10 people

Day Trips Pricing:

                               4 hrs       $790 usd 

                               6 hrs       $1,070 usd

                               8 hrs       $1,350 usd 

                            10 hrs        $1,650 usd 

                            12 hrs        $1950 usd 

Multi-Day Yellowfin Tuna Experience Targeting Cow / Monster YF Tuna heading to Puerto Vallarta World Famous fishing grounds at affordable prices! Compare our prices to other available products, I’m sure you’ll see our value. This trip is basically all inclusive, food, drinks, sleeping accommodations are comfortable, clean and this boat is Air Conditioned making sleeping comfortable in hot and humid nights! Sleep comfortable up to six people. No drugs or Drunk people. Issue arising from inappropriate behavior will result in termination of trip with no refunds! Decision is made at captains discretion. 

                   Maximum Capacity is Six People                  

                                               2.5 Day Trip …. $6,300 usd 

                                               3.5 Day Trip …. $7,700 usd



















Maestro Limpio   

60 ft Hatteras Luxury Sportfishing Yacht, Targeting Monster Yellowfin  Tuna at our World Famous Tuna Fishing Grounds …..  

Maestro Limpio was designed and made for multi-day long distance trips such as this. We have an Eskimo 220 Ice maker that can make pellet ice up to 2,500 lbs per day. So your catch will stay fresh. We also have a Agua Whisper water maker capable of making 1,200 gal. / Day! We never mix dock water in our storage tanks so this is purified water safe to consume! As far as freezer space goes we can freeze over 1,200 lbs of fish filets easily. Live Bait capacity is between 250 and 300 squids and Cabbies. 

Capt. Oscar, the original Captain from the Maximus, the bloody decks boat heading to these fishing grounds and he made these trips famous. He is one of the most experienced and consistent “Tuna” Captains in Puerto Vallarta. Capt Oscar has worked with Master Baiter’s for many years and is a true professional!  Capt. Jason will also be on-board along with Armando our world famous first mate and Chef! The food is incredible and of course the company is fun and interesting. 

We invite you to compare your options, then share this information with your friends. If you compare this option to what is available on the local market you will agree this is your nicest, best and most affordably priced option in Puerto Vallarta, period!     

          Maximum Capacity is Six People                   

                                 2.5 Day Trip …. $9,800 usd 

                                 3.5 Day Trip …. $12,025 usd

                                 4.5 Day Trips… $14,400 usd.

Huge Cockpit!






















Jason Dye and his 275 lb Yellowfin Tuna boated at the Tres Maria Islands. 












Other interesting Stuff…



We also offer tour options with our boats. If you would like to tour the bay in a private boat 


and do some snorkeling, fishing, and eat a beautiful lunch on the beach in Sayulita or Yelpa, we do that also. If you have a special request, we´ll do everything to fulfill it. Just let us know what you have in mind. Private sunset cruises are also available.

Those interested in any of the Master Baiters™ boats for tournaments along with captains, contact us via email or call for a price quote. You´ll find we´re reasonably priced and my crews live for tournaments. They´ll hit the fishing grounds ready for action.

All boats are Tournament Ready Every Day with world class, personable captains and crews. You´ll never get off a Master Baiters™ boat and say my crews didn´t work hard enough or change color often enough!

I have private Yachts for rent if you have would desire a small get-together out in the bay. Prices vary depending on size of vessel, hours / days needed, level of luxury and seasonal demand. New Year’s Eve on a yacht in the Bay of Banderas is a spectacular evening.

Prices start at $550 usd per hour up to $25,000 per day for a 140 ft private yacht….

For those of you interested in mounting your catch, we also offer Taxidermy service with The World’s largest marine taxidermist: Gray taxidermy! It will be shipped directly to your home or office. If you decide to mount your fish, I can save you money thru my shop from the Charter boat price. So talk to me, not the guys on the boats, I’ll tell you how it works…

If you’re interested in experiencing a tour while here in Puerto Vallarta you can swim with the Dolphins, take a Canopy tour, snorkeling, scuba diving, Whale watching, Booze Cruises, Sunset Cruises (group or private), Dune Buggies, Tequila Tours, Adventure tours, Cooking, Eco-Tours, horseback riding, Bass fishing, and any tour available in Puerto Vallarta you can book through us!And we have no time-share affiliations or presentation requirements! So you’ll have to buy your timeshare somewhere else!

To reserve your spot today, we require a 50% deposit. You can do this by E-Mail or call me at my shop phone: 011 52 322 209 11 28 or on my cell phone direct at: 011-52-1-322-779-7571 24 Hrs a day and get me directly! We can’t take a credit card at this time.

We suggest, and it works best to send deposits to my paypal.com account to:

Stanray65@yahoo.com. When we see the deposit we will get you a confirmation letter with meeting instructions etc. Keep this as your receipt for payment! Credit cards can be taken on this boat. Remember there is a 16% tax on all credit cards plus 6% fee credit cards put on us. We love you, but we don’t pay credit card gouges. Cash is your best option and it will keep your expensed down!

You also have Western Union to Puerto Vallarta, in the name of Stanley Gabruk (must be exact). Then send me the ten digit code via e-mail with the name as it appears of the person who physically sends the money. Then I can pick it up 24 hrs after sent….

You can also do wire transfers to me, just ask and I’ll forward you the form for this.

Balances are due on or before departure the morning of any Charter and must be paid in Cash, either in Pesos or Dollars. We use 19.0 pesos to US Dollar as a quick easy conversion. Credit cards can not be taken at this time. 

Stanley Gabruk / Master Baiters™
Paseo de la Marina No. 161, L-3
Condominios Las Palmas I
Fracc. Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mx. C.P. 48354 

And finally, I write a weekly fishing report located on my web page (www.masterbaiters.com.mx)  so you can keep up with the fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. It’s the only comprehensive Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report there is in PV. Also published in PV Mirror you’ll always have fresh “real time” information designed with the good and not so great info so you can make a decision before arriving and feel comfortable about it. I’m finding my reports are fairly well known around the world now. Kinda surprising, but cool. So check it out and don’t be afraid to contact me with any questions you may have.



Master Baiters™ Sportfishing & Tackle
Email: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx
Or stanray55@yahoo.com
Contact me from the USA at: 011-52-322-209 1128
Or 24 Hrs/day at: 011 52 1 322 779 7571 on my cell phone

Magnifico, 31 ft Bertram
Classic, Master

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  1. There are some on the market that are pretty fair, but i have no clue where to find a good one….Stan

  2. I had the chance to fish on one of your charter boats last weekend, we ad a blast and got into roosters, red snappers and jacks! fun trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thx to Adrian and his crew!!!

  3. hola

    been coming to Puerto V for the last 7 yrs. mainly for the fishing arriving jan 11 mainly fishing around the marriatas considering other options put me on your mailing list will be in town for 4 wks. i know the fishing will not be as good as in oct but what do you suggest . thx Vic

  4. I just found your message, I´ll put you on my mailing list now, you are on the
    mailing list… sorry for the delay.


  5. David, I sent you an email from My MasterBaitersPV@gmail.com account. If you didn´t find it, please look in your spam file….

    Standing by to hear from you…. please use my email address above to contact me, better than my blog pge…. Thx

    Master Baiter´s

  6. Hi Stan, I was in your shop 2 years ago and picked up some fishing goodies. We’ll be back there in Feb 2020, and I’m wondering if any of your associates would take a keen fisherman and his spouse out for a combo fish ,sightsee and snorkelling trip. If so ,you can sign us up for a date between 1- 15 Feb. !
    BTW: just procured a new Okuma travel rod, and already have decent rods by Shimano and Remington, although I broke the Remington last year in in Zihua.
    I would not call them seriously “heavy action” but they are fine for most fish up to 35 lbs. Obviously folks should match their reels properly as well..
    Tight Lines!
    Dale Sutton
    Ottawa , Canada

  7. Hello Dale, I didn’t see your comment so sorry for the delay! Yes we can fix you up easily! We do this sort of thing all the time amigo.. send your messages to my company email: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx and I’ll communicate with you much easier and more reliably… Stan

  8. Stan
    Will be in PV April 26-May 1 for our 30th anniversary. 3-4 of us are looking to fish as you have came highly recommended. Our preference would be Sailfish. Recommendations and availability ?
    Thank you in advance,

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