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Like many of you, I am pissed off beyond belief of the gushing oil in the Gulf Of Mexico. This pristine area all in the southern waters have much more to worry about than the hemoriging crude oil coming up from the depths of the earth.

Looking beyond the devastation to sea life, the devastation to ecosystem of the marsh lands,  and the twenty years minimum before this are comes back to any resemblance of what we knew of say just last year. Looking beyond the way of life hundreds of thousands of people will be forced out of. The businesses, the family’s, the property values of oil laden beaches, all of this is important and easy to remember and think of… But there is an issue that literally stirs up the entire oil slick contaminated mess… The Weather!

That’s right folks this area is coming into the time of year when hurricanes roll thorough the Gulf of Mexico like clockwork! Now you can remember when the news services were talking about how the wind was keeping the oil spill off shore in the recent past. You also have heard how the wind blows this stuff all around and the beaches and clean up crews are at the mercy of currents (which shift daily) and the surface winds.

This stuff is nothing when you consider we are coming into a year when NOAA is predicting (http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/gtwo_epac.shtml)  one of the worst hurricane seasons in memory. Katrina should be a reminder of what is possible and can happen, even without an oil spill, this is a hurricane highway!

When winds whip up to fifty to seventy miles an hour, what do you think is going to happen. Naturally the whole area of the Gulf of Mexico is at risk. Every beach from Louisiana to the tip of  Florida (the Keys), Cuba and even Mexico are at risk in the near term for hurricane blown in damage. It’s not like there is enough damage, now we mix in crude oil like a wering blender that will be blown up on the beautiful beaches of all these coast lines.

I see the press is starting to mention this fact, ( http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_oil_spill_hurricane_season) but just today! Pressure those in power to be proactive and get something going. 

Another question I have is this, if the mud they were pumping into the well created pressure to inject the top shot so it could plug the whole, it obviously stopped or slowed the oil from coming out, why did they stop this? If nothing else, keep pumping something in the well to at least slow it down until they can figure something out… but hey, I am sure there are issues I know nothing of, like maybe they ran out of more mud. Or there are not enough supplies or ships or something. Because if we can slow it down, it can make a big difference in additional damage in the past.

I have no confidence in the efforts that are taking place. I hear there are specific contracts with companies in the area for just such a occurance… but it appears they all had contracts and no real capability. More govt. missing oversight on the process and the corruption that I am sure followed with the bid. No body ever expected this to become a reality, so why prepare. Just tell them what you need to, show them what they need to see, take that fat check and in the end, tell everyone you can´t because of this or that, or the other thing. But the bottom line is we have all be lied to by British Petroleum on their safety and environmental preparedness plans. The American public through your tax dollars will not only have to ultimately pay for this disaster, they will lose the use of a major portion of our American BEaches! For the record, we need to use British Petroleum and not BP, it is a spin if you don´t know this. In fact we´ve been spun so many times that I am not motion sick from the toxic crap spewing from British petroleum other hole… their mouth!

To hear that this condition could last until August is unacceptable and will cause problems through out the entire atlantic reaching all the way to Europe, killing all the sea life it comes into contact with. Can you imagine how it would be if oil was sprayed in the air and you got that all lined inside your lungs, then as a result you suffocate. Well that is exactly what is happening with the fish amigos….. Dolphins literally suck this oil into their lungs through their blow hole….

I suggest everyone contact their senators and congressman and let them know you have had enough and will not take it any more. These long entrenched senators and congressman like to place blame on the presidents, but they are the ones who approve through legislation how thing are handled. The corruption of  drug addicted congressmen and senators who put billions of dollars of ear marks in the health care bill will only understand the vote that oust them from office. This spill is a huge example of the watch dogs sleeping with the enemy, big business. I don´t care what you hear, what they say, our watch dogs are busy watching their wallets get pumped full of crude oil dollars as we get pumped full of crap as well…..

Hey, but this is just my opinion, I´ve been wrong before…..

It is time we all stood up, took govt. Back and got our nation back on sound footing. Stop the spending by out of control govt and the politicians that live like royalty living by a different set of laws than the rest of us Americans.  

I have to say, I can just imagine what George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Madison, Franklin, Webster and the rest would hav to say about what has happened to the country they fought and ultimately died building. Abuse of the people by politicians and big business was never an amendment, it just happened as Americans were watching TV and drinking the juice!

Is this the beginning of 2012? Dead Oceans are also mentioned in the bible, but that is another subject….

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  1. Well said Stan,
    It makes me laugh when people say “how can you live in Mexico its so corrupt” hmmm well look at house, senate prevbiouse and existing leadership not going to incriminate myself and make any further statements. Bottom line is the politic society in the USA is pathetic. Ony care is to staying in office = next election = campaign funds.
    BP contibutes much to US politics.

    Just like when they got palms greased by wall street as main street took and still is taking a beating, do you think the politicians are hurting.. Likely not….Shame on all of them.
    They are all a bunch of sell outs.
    Show me a business man that is willing to take a seat in the house, give it to him and put a boot in the tail of the politician. hell the politicians cant even balance Americas check book

    Good to live on the pacific with beautiful beaches sea life.
    Kills us all who care so much to see the oil cartels giant cluster—k they have going in the gulf. I can not believe how irresponsible inconsiderate and if this doesnt turn into a criminal case for sure corruption is bigger and stronger than any drug cartel. drug cartel oil cartel difference?All bad they way its handled and ran,. but could it be one is just paying more “mordida” than the other to have stayed off the radar with no back up plans or engineering to handle an issue like this? seems insane right?
    Which creates more damage? which creates more cost to citizens? enviromental disaster? Its all about the money & Government controll

    I hope this works out and they get it togther a day or week or actually month late but better than never..

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