Well OK, Finally, the premier show of Vallarta Fishing Experience is up on Banderas News online.  This was my first experience at something like this and I think it looks pretty good. Now it´s not a Pro sort of thing, but it was fun.  I talked to Juan Mall Sr., Capt. Steve Torres, Capt. Josh Tempel, Vendors, Models, and tournament hopefuls most of which didn´t make it in the segment. It was a lot of fun and I can see this turning into something fun.  It will force me out of the shop and into the boats! Don´t you just hate it when things like this happen and you just have to grin and bite the bullett!

This guy named Dave Tarr from SFProductions came in my shop and asked me if I would like to host his new show Vallarta Fishing Experience. Now he knows I´m the owner of Master Baiters Sportfishing and Tackle in Marina Vallarta. Which looks on the surface anyway like competition. Dave had a different person at first, but they parted when the other guy went independent. Now, I´m the new guy. They call me the ¨Star¨.. . . . .  ok.. But being on a visual program is a great way to market Master Baiters and get some exposure to the better fishing charter companies in marina Vallarta! 

Like I said earlier, its interesting to be involved in the process, lots of footage never found it´s way to the show. We had enough for at least a half hour show… But the 17 minutes seems plenty long.

But now the pressure is on, I have to get boats out fishing. Not easy when the season has been tough this year. With the drug wars smeared all over the press in an attempt to scare folks from Mexico… The Bad Economy and the terror of foreclosure. Then the swine flu, it was like a perfect storm for tourism in Mexico. Everything that was being thrown in front of the American public was very wrong. It truly hurt everyone in Puerto Vallarta. The show should help promote Puerto Vallarta and Marina Vallarta. Very few visitors know there is a Private Marina off the Commerical Marina for Cruise Ships. So any promotion for the marina will not only bring me business, but help get people into the restaurants, Shops, and Real Estate offices.

Now Dave does sell advertising space on the show and ultimately this will determine if I stay or go. I´ve been thinking of an assistant that you could look at while I´m speaking. Now of course the assistant will be a real beauty. I know, more work, having to interview beautiful women. I know a few, maybe they´ll do it…. I am open to any ideas you all may have this is reasonable and promotes PV.

One nice thing about this time of the year is the fact the fishing is getting good and we´ll see the biggest fish of the season come  in between now and the end of November. To have a program and be able to grab action like this is like trolling for gold! ESPN, Marlin Magazine and others come to PV at this time of the year to get this sort of action that is in our laps! There is interest in this sort of program and why not get it out to people. Woith the potential growth in this arena here in PV, I will do what I can to take advantage of the opportunities this may present… Stay tuned….

You can see this at: www.Banderasnews.com … Right now the program is up so check it out and let me know what you think….

If kkyou would like to be part of my Facebook Friends you can invite me via: Catchfish@MasterBaiters.com.mx and you´ll get my reports and info without having to look for it!


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