Big Yellowfin Tuna 200lbs
YellowFin Tuna at El Banco

Below is the Article I write weekly for Western Outdoor news weekly. I am a featured writer in their publications delivered to thousands of homes in the Mid West of America. I haven’t been posting these, but I don’t know why.. so from here on, I will post those as well.. I also write for World Wide Fishing Guide, the PV Mirror news paper and several other publications.

Stan Gabruk                November 20, 2009            Western Outdoor News

El Banco Comes to Life with Yellowfin Monsters, Grande Marlin

The Bank or El Banco in Spanish has caught on fire! What was just a Luke warm location and not worth the fuel expense has turned into Yellowfin Tuna Central. Not twenty miles past the bank or on some heading north, but rather over the high spots you will boat a Yellowfin Tuna Monster amigos. Blue and Striped Marlin have shown up in increasing numbers. Huge Dorado of 45 to 60 lbs., hell even the whales are filtering in. Yes friends, high season is here and Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta is as good as I’ve seen it all year. Fish that won the Pez Vela Tournament would not have been able to compete with what is coming out of our world famous fishing grounds. Small Skip Jack Tuna have moved into the area and this is drawing the fish back in. The Marlin McDonalds is back in Business!!

I also believe the currents are changing as fall is upon us. One indication of this is the upwelling outside of the bay. As currents change, there are like little voids that will swirl. This stirs up the sentiment from the bottom and you get dirty water. So the currents look like they’re moving into a more normal pattern for now, lets hope this last. One thing is for sure, there is plenty of bait in the water (live bait is king)  and the water temps are perfect. All the elements look to be coming together, finally!

Corbeteña this week was alive with Sailfish, Trophy sized Sailfish amigo. Marlin are jumping all over the place. But Corbeteña was barely outside of the dirty water and this is of course an opportunity. Cubera Snapper is hitting well off the structure just on the north end of the rock. That is if you don’t mind giving bottom fishing a try. Tuna will be showing up there soon if they´re not out there already. Right now the best bang for your buck is El Banco and Corbeteña. Now the area between these two locations is very fertile as well with ridges, upwelling areas and deep structure. Many a tournament winner has come in from this area about twelve miles as the Seagull flies towards El Banco. But keep these spots to yourself! That would be all twenty five of you loyal and dedicated readers!

Off Punta Mita and points north, guess what, the fishing is great. Sailfish in the 100 inch range and Dorado in the 35 lb range are ten miles off shore and hungry. So if you´re up in La Cruz Marina, it’s just around the corner from you! With a little luck you might see a Striped Marlin or maybe a Rooster Fish.

In the bay, same deal, it´s incredible. Six hour trips get NICE FISH. In fact I have this new single engine boat that I use only for the bay and it’s great and very affordable. Everything is top notch, but without a motor investment, I can sell it cheaper, but only for inside the bay. If you´re heading to the Yelapa area, just about 12 miles south of Marina Vallarta, you too may boat large for the bay Dorado of 25 to 30 lbs. Maybe even a Sailfish, they’ve been in the bay at all the best locations.

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Well I just ran out of room so I guess that’s it for this week. Until next time, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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