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Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

On a weekly basis we normally see gradual changes in our world famous fishing grounds. This week that doesn’t hold true. We’ve seen a massive invasion of bait throughout the area. Water temps jumped to late summer temp levels. Trash line is working now that we’re getting some rain, but there is also a lot of Sea Weed as well which is not a bad thing. When it comes to fishing, conditions are never perfect, but with the blue water, a trash line and more bait by the minute, great things can happen. But first you need to step up and check off another Bucket List life goal!

Alright, lets once again start with the deep water locations. What we’ve seen is a lot of debris in the area. Sea Weed, floating debris coming down from the mountains via the rain engorged rivers. One of challenges this week is the drastic increase the water temperatures. We all know currents and water temperatures are the foundation for Deep Sea, Big Game fishing. As mentioned we’ve seen the water jump from 82 to the present 87 degrees! This is getting a little on the warm side and is a concern. With Drastic temperature increases like this, it’s a sign of southern currents coming up from South America. You’d think this would be a help, but when it’s too warm, fish move. Right now the fishing at Corbetena while not bad, has slowed considerably the last few days. Now don’t take this as an indication of what’s going to happen tomorrow because in the next hour or so everything could change. So this “snapshot” is a fleeting moment, keep positive. Black Marlin are still in the 500 lb range, Stripers have all but moved out as you’d expect with their cooler water preference. Sailfish are picking up in numbers and size. Yellowfin Tuna have probably gone down to cooler water. They’re out there, you’ll just need to get that downrigger working. Normally 130 to 150 feet is a good place to start. Your electronics will tell you what depth to set to, just look for the temperature break and start there. My last information was they’re still in the 60 to 200 lb range, just depends on your luck at the time. The whole area between Corbetena and El Banco is like this. You’ll need to move some water which of course means burning fuel. Maybe you should “borrow” the wifeys credit card before you head out.. If you get in trouble, blame me!

400 to 500 lb Black Marlin at Corbetena, El Banco and in-between, be prepared to move some water!

The whole area from El Morrow to Punta Mita has plenty of debris and Sea Weed, it’s a Dorado paradise. Now you’ll have to take this debris in consideration and hold your speeds down, especially in the dark when heading out. Dead heads will ruin your day amigos. The  upside is anything Dorado-wise is possible. For now we’re seeing many in the 15 to 20 lb range but there are also some larger bulls to 25 lbs. So keep positive, it brings fish! Sailfish are a little heavier in numbers with the massive amounts of bait in the area. In fact the biggest challenge right now is knowing which bait to run! With Ballyhoos moving in along with Sardines, Goggle Eyes, Flying fish, bullet Bonito, Red and green runners your targeted species has options. With these warmer water temperatures the Squid that held the YF Tuna’s attention have moved out with the currents. Probably heading up Southern California way, my friend Sergio Fainsztein from Angler Chronicles will be happy to hear this! Rooster fish have been boated off Estela Dera, but this may have been a few days only. Sandy bottoms in the surf line could be an ignored possibility, check it out. Blue Marlin for some reason will normally be on a heading of 300 to 310 off Punta Mita about 12 miles off the point, may be something to think about when in the area. For now an 8 hr. trip can put you on fish amigos!

Inside the bay is what you expect come this time of the year. We don’t get “big” fish in the bay unless something strange happens. For now we’re seeing larger fish are outside the bay. Smaller fish are in the bay naturally with a reduced species list. Bonito are in the 20 to 30 lb range, Dorado at 15 lbs at most are feeding off the trash line(s). Jack Crevalls normally a cold water “Bread and Butter” winter species. Some are still in the bay surprisingly enough. Sailfish have been known to strike off the Los Arcos area in the deep channel there. Dorado also! A short day in the bay if perfect for the family and it’s affordable, call me I’ll show how you can keep from breaking the piggy bank to enjoy the bay!

We’re seeing a weird bite. For the next week I’d be at whatever fishing grounds you choose early. If you can, be there before 08:00 you’ll give yourself a better chance. The late bite is around 2:00 in the afternoon, so who knows a late bite may be the perfect bite!? With water temperatures bouncing of 87 degrees we’re in the upper “summer range”. 91 degrees is the max I can remember. Stay tuned for how this all plays out next week. One thing I always find surprising is when there is an abundance of bait in the area, dead bait will work many times better than live bait or lures. Something to think about. If you’re running lures the old reliables are still a good place to start. Petroleros, Iguanas and Rapallas are a good place to start. Dorado colors don’t hurt.

With this warm current moving in, we should see Black Marlin sizes and numbers increasing. Sailfish and Marlin don’t seem to be affected much by warm water, Dorado either. Yellowfin Tuna on the other hand are another thing. If heading out to the deep water locations make sure your boat has electronics, a captain that knows how to use them (don’t laugh) for the temperature break and a working downrigger. If you’re asking captains and salespersons make sure they have the weight or the downrigger is useless, I’ve seen them use concrete rocks with rebar, anything is possible in Mexico I guess.

The latest report I have from the Tres Maria Islands is there is plenty of bait in this area as well so turning their head is tricky. Most Jig in this area but trolled baits are working as well. Average sizes seem to be over 200 lbs, but Black Marlin, Rooster fish are around structure in between the islands. Sailfish and yes, even Dorado are roaming the area. But the bottom line is you don’t to this far for Dorado. Yellowfin Tuna are in season now and this is one of the best locations in the world to target Yellowfin Tuna. Give us a call we’ll fix you up or check my web page, Facebook for specifics. This week the bottom line is “Fishing is Fishing”, an inexact science until you boat a monster then we’re all king of the fishing grounds! Especially when we’re done and coming in with fish as big as your car!   


Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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