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El Banco Marlin

Corbetena Lives, El Banco Marlin, Blue Water and Bait

Last week you might remember how surprised I was that Corbetena just “crapped” out and for a few days anyway other options were more favorable. This week I’m glad to announce that Corbeteña Lives! El Banco Marlin both Blue and Black along with blue water and plenty of bait. With calm seas and perfect fishing conditions we are moving now into September when things start happening. Even though it’s a La Nina year, which means the water is cooler than normal, the fishing is surprisingly good. When tourism moves into September, Puerto Vallarta fishing finally turns into the conditions that built our reputation in Puerto Vallarta as some of the best fishing ground in the world!

Last week I was frankly shocked that Corbetena had “changed its personality” so drastically. Now we knew this wasn’t going to last long, but if you’re heading out on those “crazy” days. Yellowfin Tuna found their way back and are running anywhere from 30 to 60 lbs, they may be north of the rock by a few to ten miles so be ready to use some fuel. Dorado are fairly abundant, but they’re on the smaller side of 10 to 20 lbs. Sailfish are running here as well with some tournament winners boated this week. Cubera Snappers are also looking for your bait. The porpoises of last week have left and the blue water, great fishing conditions have returned.

Sailfish in the bay!??

El Banco or The Bank, which is normally ignored until this time of the year is still a great options to find Blue Marlin to 500 lbs, Black Marlin to about the same size, Striped Marlin, Larger Sailfish and with all the debris floating around, it’s a great location to find good sized Dorado. Mostly with El Banco being fifty miles out, you measure your excitement against your fuel budget and many times that equation equals Corbetena. But for now, El Banco is alive and doing well.

It’s been a strange year around the area off the point of Punta Mita to El Morro. With plenty of debris floating in the water, washing down the hills and into the bay, Sailfish of good size, Dorado are smaller but larger off logs or a buoy. Rooster fish like the rainy type weather because they love the good it brings into the areas around river mouths. Right   now the reefs north of Sayulita. Jack Crevalles and skip Jack tuna are also running the area along with varied baits in massive amounts. Right now you’ll have fun, but Corbetena is a better options in my opinion for now.

Inside the bay we have our normal summer fishing conditions. With the erratic seasonal rains we have days of dirty water in the bay, then we have clean water days. The bottom line at this time for the year this is a challenge we have to deal with. The good news is several fish species will take baits if they see them in dirty water. Jack Crevalles are unexpectedly all over the bay and strong fighters in varied sizes. Skip Jack Tuna in the 6 to 20 lb range are also all over the bay. With Sierra Mackerels still in the bay in limited numbers, they is no shortage of action in the bay. For the super lucky, Sailfish and Dorado are running the channel from Corbetena into the bay. Feeling lucky?

Football Tuna at Corbetena

We’re still seeing 84 to 87 degree water temperatures, perfect for all our favorite species. Blue water at most locations and plenty of bait. The bite is finally changing a bit, it’s about 08:30 so leaving the dock at 07:00 is perfect. With plenty of bait in the water, some day’s dead bait is working better than live bait. Lures which are working best are Guacamayos and any lure that mimics baby Dorado. As we move deeper into the summer fishing season, we’ll see more Marlin moving into the area and hopefully they’ll be larger like normal.

Since I have some extra room here, people ask me all the time if Mexico is “safe”. For the record, Puerto Vallarta is considered one of, if not the safest place to be in Mexico. The stuff you read and hear in the North American press is over exaggerated and sensationalized “click bait”. Puerto Vallarta has millions of people visit our area yearly. I won’t say “crime” doesn’t exist, but it’s probably safer here in PV than it is at your home city. So be reasonable and remember you can always ask me anything you might want to know, I won’t blow smoke up your backside. Enough Said.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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