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Cole Brook is 12 and this is his first Deep sea Fish
Capt. Chema left, First Mate Jimmy in the middle, Cole Brook as the happy angler!

Changing Conditions, Changing Currents, Dorado on the Move

As we move out of October we see once again the fish are on the move. With the strange currents we´ve seen this year it´s hard to predict where to fish from day to day. The past two weeks the most reliable locations were El Morro and the Marietta Islands. With Dorado off the hook, why head anywhere else. But that was last week, this week we see that El Morro and the Marietta Islands have cooled off a little with Dorado and Sailfish for the most part moving into deeper waters. You´ll still find game fish here, but it’s not like fishing in a barrel like it was this past week. Still worth the effort and while in diminished numbers, Sailfish, Dorado, Jack Crevalls, Bonito, and more. Remember, live bait is always king and with the action near the rocks, you´ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of live bait to cast and troll.

Same for inside the bay. It seems the currents have changed and the abundance of Dorado and Sailfish that was unusual has gone back to the normal conditions of just very good! There have been some rumors of Rooster Fish around the point of Cabo Correntes along with some Sailfish as well. May be worth the trip if you´re so inclined. While heading that way don´t forget to troll from Los Arcos to the point. Of course make sure you´re a few miles out to avoid rocks and other structure hazards. But there are Snappers, Bonito, and Needle fish, Snook at the rivers, Roballo, Skip Jack Tuna and the list goes on. You won´t see the size you will outside of the bay, but you will see action. For the fly fisherman, this is the perfect place to test your gear with some outstanding fishing.

This week the bulk of the action has moved out to Corbeteña and El Banco. Large Dorado, Sailfish, Blue and Striped Marlin have all been boated in these two hot spots for Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing enthusiast. Like always, the water has been perfect and blue, plenty of live bait in the water with fluctuating water temperatures driving us nuts! A few days last week we witnessed the water temps peak around 87 degrees and since then it´s been a roller coaster. If you can find some cooler spots around the rock at Corbeteña you just might get lucky. The bite for the most part is a ¨Right place at the right time¨ sort of thing. You may also find yourself working this area for a good portion of the day before you get a chance to get excited. But be patient, fishing is not for the most part going to be done on a stop watch.

Even though the fishing was a little less spectacular this week than last week, don’t think the fishing is bad, it´s never bad. But when you´re as jaded as we are here, we expect to be boating Monsters every ten minutes. We all know this is not possible, but at least in Puerto Vallarta, it can happen! 

That´s about it for this week, until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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