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   Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Nice Sized Dorado Everywhere

One of the fun and interesting things about Puerto Vallarta is the fact we get Whales every year about this time. Like clockwork tiny baits like Krill Squids, tiny Krill Shrimp and a complete fish smorgasbord return yearly to our Bay of Banderas. Of course this is the biggest reason Whales come to visit us yearly with the easy living and “fast food”. Whales love it and so do smaller fish like Marlin, Sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna to name a few. If you can imagine tiny floating tacos, hamburgers and French fries and all you had to do was open your mouth. That’s what it’s like to fish in the bay and surrounding area right now! Now imagine you’re trying to grab the attention of those same fish with your baits. World class fishing is always challenging, the fish are there, feeling lucky?

So here we are, the weather is perfect, maybe a little warm still in the days but the evenings are perfect. We have Whales starting to show up in the bay and we’re in the best time of the year for fishing. The area between Corbetena and El Banco is alive with species and favorite baits. The water is warm and the sea is a super high visibility blue. But fishing has a way of balancing out the perfect with the challenging and this week is no different. You see there are just massive amounts of “teeny tiny” Shrimp cocktail sized beautiful and tasty Krill Shrimps. And frankly every fish species is chowing down on these Krill shrimps, aka Whale Food! But let’s first list what’s on the “menu”. Sailfish are picking up in numbers and any day now it will be difficult to get your bait in front of any other species. Yellowfin Tuna are happy campers and running in the 40 to 200 lb range. For those who finally started hitting the late bite the Krill Shrimps are making even the most experienced Captains pull their already limited hair supply out. Blue and a few Black Marlin are in the 350 to 650 lb range. Dorado are running the entire fishing grounds spectrum and are mostly in the 25 lb range or slightly larger. Plenty of skip Jack Tuna for trolling and even they’re full of Krill Shrimps. The good news is this doesn’t last long so by the time you read this, conditions have most likely changed as they always do. El Banco is the same, but the Bank has been showing signs of life with Blue Marlin in the 600 lb range. Massive amounts of Skip Jack Tuna for bait, same at Corbetena. I suggest Corbetena because the frustration is cheaper… ja ja. If heading out feel free to contact me for the “latest and greatest”. Update: it looks like the bite is happening from 2 pm on to sundown and the Krill Shrimp seem to be moving out with the currents. Things changed that fast but you’re updated now.

This week i filmed from our Panga Buddy with some friends. Excuse the noise from the wind during my report. Click the Pic for the Video Fishing Report

The area from El Morro to Punta Mita is still alive with Sailfish and Dorado. The Krill Shrimps have found this area as well and while it’s not Krill City, it’s still challenging. 10 miles off the point of Punta Mita there are also Striped Marlin as well as Blue Marlin who are running with Sailfish. The down side of this area right now is you can most likely catch the same fish in the bay, but boating a Sailfish in the bay is a “possibility” and not guaranteed. For now your best bang for your fishing dollar is a ten hour trip or a six hour trip and here’s why.

Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena on Guanatuna

Inside the bay is just some of the best fishing I’ve seen in years. Dorado, which are finally picking up in numbers after the new laws prohibit shipping Dorado out of the country with no license or permit has begun working. Dorado numbers are picking up and they’re hungry. Inside the bay the Krill Shrimp are present, but not massive in the bay as Krill follow currents for the most part. The area from Los Arcos to Yelapa has turned into Dorado city and are running in the 25 lb range. Sailfish are being boated daily and who knows, you may get lucky, same for smaller Striped Marlin. Jack Crevalls are still in small numbers but at 35 lbs of arm burning action they’re super popular to catch. Sierra Mackerels are in front of the Marina Mouth running about 10 lbs which is good sized for them. Bonito are still small but getting larger. Plenty of bottom fishing which is always “never ending action” as long as you don’t target Moby Dick you’ll always have a wonderful time fishing in the bay.

For now the bite seems to be a moving target. It’s best to be at your chosen fishing grounds before 08:00 and be at the ready. Water temperatures are still a perfect 85 degrees and the water couldn’t be any bluer. If focusing on bay fishing dead Google eyes are working well. As are lures that mimic Dorado so green with black markings are your best options. But the “old” reliables should be tried first. And run one live bait just in-case!

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PV right now is in a “restricted” Covid state. Business and restaurants have to close at 8 pm, beaches close at 3 pm. Until Nov. 13th when things return to “normal”. Business is picking up and we’re offering Airport transfers and new Transportation services for small to large groups. We’re also offering Customized Tour Excursions and day trips with tour packages that won’t break the “vacation budget”. They’re great out of the ordinary activities. Contact Benjamin at the shop for details.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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