Last September I posted an article on Bloody decks as the low rent site, I should say ¨no rent?  public forum site where anyone with a computer and an opinion can post slandarous comments with an agenda.  There are like twelve of them or so and every one has been lobing verbal grenades at me on Bloody Decks, this is the Taliban I speak of.  And if I actually took to heart their comments, my feeling would be hurt. But of course I have no clue who these guys or gals are, never met them, never want to. But they know me… for some reason, they know and care about what I do and print for some reason…. oh ya, there’s that agenda again…..

I noticed they took my blog article, posted it online, added information and links to their cronies, ignored to copy and paste parts they wanted ignored. Then proceeded rant and rave about what a bad guy I am as they used their adjusted article to validate the rants. I didn´t know fishing was so harmful to your self esteem. I mean I should just commit suidice and put myself out of my misory….  or maybe they should just move on…

But you know, I kinda like myself and for a group of people so focused in  group oriented, concentrated laser beam negative energy blast at me is amazing. I mean I am surprised they would even care about what I HAD TO SAY?! Why these types  spend so much time reacting to my little out of the way blog like they do is comical.

Those that read th BD site, personal friends, come in the shop and tell me how this guy or that guy is just going off on me again, most people see these guys for what they are….  But, they are all not idiots,  readers tune in to see the photos and read post. Others trash talk, I guess it’s like an Enquirer sort of fascination to  laugh about how someone got dised or slandared… it’s like a gut chuckle or the Jerry Springer show of fishing….. that is the way i see it…. people loved that show also..  

Bloody Decks is actually an interesting site if you stay away from the Puerto Vallarta Section. Even the guys who started the site let go of  Josh Temple, the driving force behind the site. He has moved on to bigger and better things than Bloody Decks. Now those in the Bloody Decks Taliban will use this comment, like they have in the past to act like Johsh Hates me or as some example of how i am trying to blow smoke or something that would supoort their agenda…. . But there was a Puerto Vallarta fishing scene long before just a few years ago when the site went up.

If you are looking for accurate, professional, intelligent fishing information there are lots of  local area resources to visit. for example has several people posting local fishing reports without mostly naked women and foul language or subject matters. I’ll tell you, if my twelve year old was on this site, I would worry about the content my son or daughter was reading.

Another site is Western Outdoor News, possible the largest online and established fishing site online: Well worth the time to bookmark it…

Lots of fishing reports on Puerto Vallarta available on they have more guides and articles on the subject of fishing, all over the world than you could sit and read!

Fishing Forums like are great for local information where everyday guys post fishing articles from personal experience as well as charter company / captains articles….. Josh is on and there is Marlin mag online as well with many, many other professional contributors.  But you won’t find simi nude women on these sites, sorry. Your twelve year old would be better served to visit thes locations instead.

When Bloody Decks name is mentioned in the same sentences as the names above, then I will begin to take them seriously as well.

Master Baiter´s has been here in Marina Vallarta for a long time and I will continue to be here for many years to come. Things are changing in Vallarta, the Marina will be up for sale soon and the complexion of Marina will change. Slips will get more and more expensive, like Cabo.  Cabo’s average slip is near or above $3000.00 usd a month right now with no end in site for prices. Tourism is also down in Cabo as in Puerto Vallarta, in some cases down by 70%.  The charter companies that made it through last years Swine Flu Debacle may not make it through this years endless assault on Mexico in the media. Fuel prices are going up along with insurance, dock maintenace fees,  diminishing fish counts and anything else associated with working a boat in Mexico.  I have friends who are in the bidding process for the Marina tell me they will charge all charter boats  a service charge per trip and this may ultimately happen, this is a common thought amongst the bidders.  After watching three sound companies go belly up this past year, it surprises me that there are new comers to replace the sound companies that failed.  Boats are for sale, others are being purchased cheap, but  people are not here in Mexico like we would expect in a normal  year.  Coming in after a dead year, last yeare, these are the real issues in Marina Vallarta.  I would like to see some of the BD members address these issues or maybe they have. Take a look at the dwindeling dolphin population and the scarey projections for what is down the line…. Seiners.. another issue, long liners, lots of things need attention in Vallarta.

Check out the sites I mentioned and get a better perspective of what is happening in the world of sportfishing and not just a limited view of what is happening in Puerto Vallarta ….

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  1. This blog seems to recieve a large ammount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice individual spin on things. I guess having something authentic or substantial to say is the most important thing.

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