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Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


06 20 2017 Brad Andelé, 100 lb YF tuna 580 pxls MBTxtIt’s nice once again to be able to write a real fishing report and a cookie cutter report again. As water temperatures continue to hang over 80 degrees and the super abundance of varied baits are not moving out as for bait, things are great. The water is blue everywhere, including the bay except for the normal brown ring around the bay from the evening rains. Yes we have rain, but it’s not the rainy season as yet. We have some hurricane activity but like every year it doesn’t amount to much except the possibilities of stormy seas and better fishing. We have our world famous species hanging out now, even though it’s early for species like Tuna and Dorado, but they’re here presently. The good news is we’re coming into the season nicely. Better news is that things from this point will only improve, with a bump or two I am sure. Yes folks “Fishing” has returned to Puerto Vallarta!

Web Page “Extra”: For you all reading this on the web site I can include this info since it doesn’t ferment for a week likes some of my outlets let it do. Having said that we’ve been seeing a Hurricane, Dora just hand out about a couple hundred miles from Puerto Vallarta. The direction and “juice” is heading in the opposite direction so no issues for us except rain. Well humidity needs to be included as you can cut the air with a knife. Not much different that Houston or Miami or even Michigan. We’ve been getting rain, heavy at times, a slight breeze as well, so this would get you to think “Trash Line” would form, but that’s not the case. We do have some trash spots, but no trash line of any real measurement. 06 23 2017 Mr. Voves, 10 hrs, 01 MBTxt 500 plxlsThis will naturally change shortly and this is good news. With Dorado signs, we may see this help the Dorado Numbers increase, let’s hope.

Corbetena, one of the most famous fishing grounds and name in the world and for good reason. When it’s good at Corbetena that is about all you need to know to get your neck hair standing up, then comes the ants in your pants. If you’re one of those guys I suggest you move on to the next paragraph because I’m about to get that neck hair standing. Then give me a minute or two and you’ll be squirming in your seats (Ha ha).  Black Marlin are all over the “Rock” running 500 to 700 lbs, possibly bigger and they’re taking bait! Then we also have Blue Marlin right at 500 lbs and they’re taking bait as well. Sailfish, of course and big. Yellowfin Tuna are still circling the rock and running anywhere from 40 to over 100 lbs! After a winter season of dismal fishing if this doesn’t get you “squirmy“nothing is going to. Problem with Tuna right now is they’re not taking bait unless you catch them at the perfect time and place. You see we have these massive amounts of what we call “Tuna Crabs”, they’re red, the size of a quarter or a little larger and they float. I have called these a “thin crust Tuna Pizza” as they slash through this “fast food” without a though to you and your presentation. If you find yourself at Corbetena in the morning around 5 a.m. then you may want to do some trolling, then or around 6 p.m. otherwise it isn’t going to be easy amigos. They’re jumping and playing, all the stuff a Tuna does except take baits, be patient amigos. My suggestion, do an overnight, hit the late and early Tuna bite, then chase Marlin the rest of the day. There are abundant Skip Jack tuna bait to 7 lbs, Bullet Bonito, Green Runners, Flying fish, Goggle eyes, you name it, it’s out there. El Banco on the other hand is not doing very well, slow is polite. El Banco can at times take the lead and other times The Bank is happy to relax. Well el Banco is relaxing for now, as Marlin and Tuna are passing this area. With insane amounts of Bait you’ll still find “some” Marlin and Sailfish in thin numbers for now. This will change soon and when it does I predict this world famous location for super big fish will be back in the game. For the moment your fuel dollar could be better spent, stay tuned.

06 23 2017 Travis Cusimano, Shannon friend Tail wrapped pxls 650 MBtextMarietta Islands, we’ll they’re still there, can’t say much more about the area. Some Sailfish, Jack Crevalls, Bonito, a few miles off the islands there have been smaller Marlin and schools of Skippies or Skip Jack Tuna of 6 lbs, very tasty. Nothing special for the time and distance. A better option would be the Point off Punta Mita where there have been Dorado, yes I said Dorado 12 to 20 lbs around any floating debris or clump or “crap”. As mentioned earlier we’re seeing some rain due to Hurricane Dora which will be short lived. No real trash line as yet, but there are “trash spots” floating around which can be very productive not to mention fun. Jack Crevalls 40 lbs of course along with Bonito 30 lbs, even Sailfish in the 100 lb range. So this whole area can explode soon so keep your ears open and we’ll share what we know for sure.

This all of course brings us to The Bay where the action now for months has been unusually great. I guess when something like this continues indefinitely we can call this normal? I don’t know, but what I do know is there are tons of fish for the enthusiast, amateur or professional alike. Jack Crevalls to over 40 lbs in some cases. Bonito to35 lbs, Yellowfin Tuna Footballs to 45 lbs this week all around Yelapa (they’re full of red crabs too), Sailfish out a ways in front of Los Arcos, even smaller Striped Marlin are hanging out around the bay! Can’t complain about that, some will. With the bite being so mixed up the fishing is happening all day, remember to pay attention to the tuna bite and you’ll be fine. My suggestion for now is hit it hard for Football Tuna early near Yelapa, then when it looks like the bite has faded give some Jack Crevalls a shot, then mid day hit the Sailfish and Striped Marlin. Follow a plan like that and you’ll give it your best shot.

Bait Conditions, well I told you most of the secrets already, but there are Blue Runners, Green Runner, Rainbow runners, Goggle eyes, Red Crabs, Bullets, Skippies, you name it, we have it for bait.  Nice thing is bait can be made just about anywhere you go so no need to sweat bait. Water Temperatures have taken a slight step down to 81 degrees at Corbetena, 80 degrees at El Banco and 82 degrees in the bay. Not perfect, but not far from it. Bite is, well, a moving target these days. With plenty of bait the bite is more of a ‘whim’ they, the fish that is, can take advantage of at a whim. Be early, you’ll give yourself the best chance you’ll have for the day. Bring a camera, the morning sunrise is incredible with tropical mornings like we have.

06 10 2017 8 hrs Mi Jenny, Jim Kelly, 2 sails, 005When it comes to your boating safety in general, make sure understand the product you are purchasing and make sure you’re comfortable with the people you are dealing with. We’ve seen some tough years here in Mexico and many familiar companies are no longer in business as others try to fill the void. Many are great, some are horrible, some are dangerous. You really don’t know what you have until you get to the boat. You have several resources to choose from, Trip Advisor is just one. Do your homework, check out the available options and always make sure you come armed with information you collect from these articles so some promoter doesn’t fill you full of happy facts, but is short on delivery. When it comes to fishing, we hope you’ll choose Master Baiter’s. As responsible business people we send you to the best PV has to offer, not who pays me the best commission. We can help steer you in the right direction for just about anything you can think of, we’d be happy to help. Benjamin can help you with your tour needs and, well, I’ll just keep doing what I’ve always done…. Live the Master Baiter’s Lifestyle, there is always room for another!

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

We will smoke your fish, but you will get half back, we can't " smoke  that much....hahahahaha
We will smoke your fish, but you will get half back, we can’t ” smoke that much….hahahahaha

Remember we´re still doing our best to hook you up with partners for shared super panga trips of eight hours at $275 us for half a panga or two people max. We´re also selling clients smoked fish, or just give us half your catch, you´ll get the other half back smoked and vacuum sealed so you don´t have to freeze it to get it home! It´s great for less than tasty fish like Sailfish, Jack Crevalls, Rooster fish and more. Now if you have a Dorado, Snapper or Bonito they´re just outstanding. So call us on the way in, we´ll meet you at the dock and get your details, any company, any boat, just have fish!

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For those of you who don’t know, Mexico has just increased fuel prices. They are being gradually increased so we’re going to have to increase pricing to account for this soon. If coming to PV soon I would suggest you lock in lower prices that will be honored at a later date.

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