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Yellowfin Tuna Holding Their Own, Marlin More Abundant, Dorado still MIA!

Written by Stan Gabruk


As we enter the most productive time of the year for monster trophy gamefish we see the clientel is just not coming out to our world famous fishing grounds of Puerto Vallarta. The fish are out there, the conditions are just about perfect, the fishermen are not here. You can point fingers, you can make excuses, you can speculate, but you will find empty fishing grounds and boats putting people out fishing at desperate ¨going out of business¨ pricing. What does this mean to the general consumer looking to go fishing, well it means you can find a boat for just about any price you can imagine. For those who are in Marina Vallarta the fishing has improved from the last couple of weeks. For those with the disposable income, world record sized fish are out there waiting for you. So, the question being put to you is this: ¨Can You Come Out and Play? ¨

Cubera Snappers at Corbeteña, this one with my friend Eric is 60lbs

The last few weeks I have talked about how the rains were just not doing their job. The trash line all but disappeared, bay water was mostly blue and the fish were sparse unless you were around Yelapa to Cabo Corrientes point at the south end of the bay. Well we´ve had a fair share of rain and the trash is flowing down the mountains. Now this may sound kinda nasty, but in reality this is where the fish are starting to return to the bay. Bait fish are feeding on the organic materials, drawing in larger fish and you get the drift. Small Dorado, Skip Jack Tuna, Snappers and Needle fish are just chowing down on this fish version of fast food. Those looking for Skippies or Skip Jack Tuna are still in luck with then running in the 30lb range from Los Animas increasing in size as you get closer to Cabo Corrientes or farther out in the bay. But for bay fishing, this is a real treat with mostly now dirty water. The rain thing goes both ways. Those with some Mexican Savy know that the dirty water in front of the river mouths are a great place to hook into great tasting Roballo or Snook and Snappers in the 30 to possibly 40lb range. Don´t for Nuevo Vallarta, going up stream there a ways will produce some really large Roballo in the holes by the freeway pilings, but you did not hear that from me…update: Yellowfin Tuna are larger than this now, some in the deep holes off the sheer drop at Yelapa are over 80 lbs!

Sailfish are still on the fickle side. Not too many hanging around the Tres Maria islands, but if you go just a little further south to El Morro they seem to be loving this area for some reason. Not exactly on the island, a mile or two off towards the south will produce some great action with Sailfish abundant, but not exactly jumping into the boat.

Around Punta Mita and Sayulita there have been some better signs of Dorado off the buoys, but they are still only around 25to 35lbs if you´re lucky. Don´t know what happened to the Dorado this year, but if you are like me, you notice they are arriving later and later in the year, they are smaller than you would expect and frankly these fish were always a ¨Day Saver¨ when it comes to getting clients fish. Something strange going on here and it doesn´t look like things will be improving in the years to come. Something to think about, something to care about…. Sailfish are north of Sayulita and out about ten to fifteen miles off the points running in the 80 pound range which is decent for Sailfish amigos.

Amber Jacks at Corbeteña, El Banco and the Marietta Islands

Corbeteña has shown some signs of life where Yellowfin Tuna and Marlin are concerned. Mostly Blue water with bait means the Yellowfin are having a hard time leaving the area and we can appreciate that for sure. We are still looking for the 200 lb plus sizes when it comes to Yellowfin. I don´t know what the deal is, but we are following three years straight of El Nina and El Nino years. So it may just need time to straighten itself out current wise. Rumor has it Cabo is not having a great year as well, but you should look up Cabo Reports to see what they´re saying there. Cubera Snappers still running in the 50lb range, Midsized Sailfish from 60 just under 100 lbs. Rainbow runners, Amberjacks, Black Marin in the 500 to 700lb range, same for Blue Marlin. You may need to head south west off the rock to find fish, but this is normal. Live Bait is working and the bite is happening anywhere from 9:30 on for the moment. Live bait is still king, especially Google Eyes, but lures will work well for Marlin and Sailfish. Colors are changing, but pink and purple are killing them for the moment. UpDate: Dorado are now between 25 and 50 lbs at the deep water locations of El Banco and Corbeteña….

El Banco is still hot and cold, one day you´re up, the next it´s dead. But this is fishing and if you are one of the lucky ones who are hitting the high spots, you have these fishing grounds to yourself and if anything of any size is hungry, you own the place. You can literally experience what it was like to fish our World Famous Fishing grounds as it must have been in the 50´s or even 60´s when Puerto Vallarta was only a locally known spot for huge fish. Same species here, Sails, Marlin, Cubera Snappers, roll the dice. For me, Corbeteña is the place to be for the time being with the best opportunities for coming in with bucket list fish, if you remember the movie. Check the latest conditions before heading out for sure. UpDate: Dorado are now between 25 and 50 lbs at the deep water locations of El Banco and Corbeteña….

With hurricanes passing us, then hurricanes on the opposite coast from us in Cancun and Veracruz, the weather has been strange, not horrible, but cooler than normal which is being reflected in the fishing. The fish are out there, but they are moving more than I would expect and even if there is bait in the area, Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna are not exactly jumping in the boat either. When things get like this it is very, very important to have a captain with a full line of lures and equipment to make sure if there is a trick that needs to be done, the crew has the tools.

Another thing, as a safety reminder, many boats operating in Marina Vallarta are not using Marine Radios, many are using cell phones. This means they can´t hear the reports in the bay or farther out from other boat. It also means they cannot call for an S.O.S. if there is an issue. Now they are supposed to have radios like this by law, but there you are. If the  boat does not have a radio, do not pay this person, you are expecting basic safety equipment and this is the most basic piece!

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish….

Don´t forget to visit Marina Vallarta with its 150 shops, restaurants and professional services. It´s Puerto Vallarta´s other Malicon or Boardwalk and it´s largely ignored by tourist with no real promotion by the city, why.. Who knows, but it is how it is amigos. With yachts, and the energy, you owe it to yourself to come down and see it!

22 million visitors with ¨deaf¨ ears came to Mexico last year, a record year for tourism even with the news. Find out more here and calm your fears amigo: http://theintelhub.com/2012/06/29/tourism-booms-in-mexico- as-crime-rises/

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