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                                     Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish Invade Marlin City

                             Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle



It´s funny, the first day of October was like a cosmic fish cornucopia and out came massive amounts of Sailfish, Black Marlin, Dorado and yes Yellowfin Tuna in the 60 lb range. The water is a perfect blue, bait is abundant, the Trash Line is doing its magic and the bite is on. It´s Prime time for fishing amigos and if you ever doubted that Puerto Vallarta was a world class fishing area, all you have to do is get on the water and let the humidity melt those doubts as you down another beer, YeHa!

There are presently fish everywhere, pick a spot, take a shot. If you decide to start in the bay, you´ll find the Trash Line is doing its work and Skip Jack Tuna, small Dorado and a host of other species are lining up to feast on this organic trail mix, it´s an all you can eat fish smorgasbord that washes down the mountains and pours into the bay. Skip Jack tuna in the 15 to 25 lb range are all over the Yelapa area, Sailfish sightings and hook ups are not exactly automatic, but you have a solid chance in a six hour day of hook-ups with one of the finned fantasies. Snook at the river mouths and we even still have Jack Crevalls filling in the list. Short on Doe, not much time to go, then the bay will do the trick ¨fo-Sho¨. . .


Heading out to the Marietta islands, one mile off the rock of El Morro or so you´ll find a sea full of Sailfish and smaller Dorado in the 25 lb range. It´s that time of the year where the Sailfish populations explode as we lead into the Pez Vela Tournament (Sailfish Fishing Tournament in English). In fact it´s so easy to get a Sailfish strike you´ll get tired of reeling them in. Not unusual to have five Sailfish strikes a day now in this area stretching out to Corbeteña.

Speaking of Corbateña, considered by many to be one of the top fishing grounds in the world with its varied abundant species you can´t go wrong at the rock right now. Starting with Black Marlin in the 250 to 500 lb range, the sizes of these world class gamefish will increase as we move deeper into October. World record sized Sailfish in the 45 kilo or 110 pound range are thick. Yellowfin Tuna in the 50 to 75 lb range are moving in nicely, but the bite with them has been a little weird as they were slow to take baits. Dorado in the average range of 35 lbs with occasional bulls weighing in at over 50 lbs. Cubera Snappers for the bottom fishing guys in the 45 lb range with Rainbow runners possible. Located thirty five miles out from Marina Vallarta, it will take you about two hours to get to the Rock, but once there your chances of boating a world record sized fish is not unthinkable amigos. Take the ten hour day and keep a bucket list memory in your mental hard drive. El Banco, ditto. Just remember if you´re looking for the large, huge fish, El Banco has it´s days. So toss a coin, they´re both on fire, El Banco is showing signs of some larger Black Marlin, so it´s a decision for the your morning discussion and plan development with the Captain!10 02 2014  Karl & Marlise Vitture  75lbTuna 600 pxls

Punta Mita, all I can say is AH Chihuahua. . It´s turned into Sailfish Central. Dorado are around any floating debris like a log or clump of weeds or even floating refrigerators. If you find a buoy, you hit the jackpot! If you´re around Sayulita and the Anclote Reef, then you´ll find all the arm burning action you could imagine.

As far as fishing conditions go, you can´t beat them, water temperatures are in the perfect range of 86 degrees, 84 in the bay. Abundant Skip Jacks, Bonito, Google Eyes and Flying fish or 4 to 8 inches insure that we´ll have fish in the area and frankly I don´t understand why it took so long for these fish to find us again! The water is blue, close to shore it´s dirty as you would expect from the rain but it´s not very far from shore. Yes there seems to be a lot of ¨trash´ in the bay, that just means you go a little slower heading out to the fishing grounds, but this trash is necessary amigo. The bite is anywhere from 8:30 a.m. to after 10:00 am and in the afternoon after 1:00 p.m. and live bait is king, but run a petrelaro lure for the heck of it.10 04 2014 Chelita Humberto, Jed, Roxann Tammye 10 hrs Corbetena 600 pxls

We´ve waited for it, and now we have it. Big fish, perfect conditions, plenty of bait and the weather is holding. Water temperatures are not too hot and they’re not too cold, they´re prefect. If this is your first time visiting or hearing about the fishing in Puerto Vallarta then you´re in for a real experience. Boats are available and waiting for your business, just find Marina Vallarta, walk the boardwalk, enjoy the Yachts and fishing boats, have a nice dinner and tell your friends. Fishing season is in full swing in Puerto Vallarta, come find out what World Class Fishing is all about!

Just a word or two about Cabo: It looks like the Bisbee´s Tournament is still on in Cabo, but the relief work continues. The Airport is open now, but the locals and tourism are on their knees. To Help those in need in Cabo you can donate whatever you can to help these folks through the Bisbee´s Fishing Tournament Organizers who for years and years have supported Cabo with a world class fishing tournament. Bisbee´s is a trust worthy organization that will make sure those who need help will get help. You can donate here at the Bisbee’s Tournament Site: https://bisbeesconservationfund.org/donate/CaboRelief . .    11 25 08  8 hrs Cpt. Chora, Juan, Mamba Negra, 8 hrs Rooster Mah 007

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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