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Yellowfin Tuna Cows, Large Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, Time to Play ¨Pick Your Fish¨

Written by Stan Gabruk

Everything has come together, perfect water temperatures of 82 to 85 degrees, Saphire Blue water at all the fishing grounds, abundant bait, Yellowfin Tuna Cows (150 to 200 lbs) at Corbeteña, Marlin at El Banco, Dorado getting larger by the day and Sailfish are taking over. All Year long I bide my time to write reports about this time of the year. You won´t find better conditions and fishing anywhere at this time of the year than here Puerto Vallarta from now until New Years, it´s time to play ¨Pick Your Fish¨. You want it, we´ve got it!

Ok, no more excuses, it´s time to get your butt off the couch and make some reservations for Puerto Vallarta. Hotels have never been more affordable, the weather is getting cooler every day, airfares are as low as they will get this year and the fishing is world class and firing on all eight cylinders.

Corbeteña, lets start where the action can´t be stopped. Marlin over 700 lbs, blue or black it doesn´t matter. Dorado in the 50 to 60 lb range. Sailfish are so thick you hope you can almost avoid them since they are taking baits like a clepto who can´t help himself. Warm, clear, perfect blue water. Even a few Wahoo´s this week. Corbeteña is legendary for its species and abundant availability at ths time of the year and I could go on forever about Corbeteña. If you want some real arm burning action, you´ll find it here and now. So no more bit_ching, find a way.

El Banco, the other world famous fishing ground that belongs to Puerto Vallarta is also alive with huge Black and Blue Marlin. Sizes vary, but you won´t find any babies here at El Banco now amigos. Yellowfin Tuna are in and out running 150 to200 lbs like Corbeteña, they will drive you crazy, but they are here as well. Dorado is here as well, again in the 60 lb range, Sailfish everywhere,  Cubera Snappers are taking surface baits as well.

Remember the blank space between  the rock and Corbeteña, I tell you this area needs to get a little attention and Capt. Victor off KoKomo came in this past week with several  Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna. Same for Guanatuna our 35 ft Gulfstream with capt. Tory. So anywhere from Corbetena to El banco is fish city so don´t get stuck mentally when the crowds begin to show.

Marietta Islands, Snappers, Bonito, Sailfish, occasional Rooster fish, for the guy looking for some smaller action on a budget this is the place to be. If targeting Sailfish this is probably your best option, no need to go to the deep water locations if this is your desired species. If you are at or around Punta Mita, as you would expect there are tons of Sailfish off the point. Here and now a four hour trip is going to be well worth the expense of a panga off the beach… Marlin about ten miles out and Dorado around the Anclote off Sayulita. So more options for the cost conscience.

With the water temperatures dropping still in southern cal, we are seeing the action get to where we expect it to be. Not to be jaded, but we live for this time of the year and with bait balls the size of delivery trucks these spectacular creatures will be in the area for the next few months. It´s one of those times where you will catch something, Master Baiter´s stands behind this promise with a thirty percent of your money back guarantee on my exclusive boats when paying a full priced charter, sin discounts.

Tourists are already coming back to Puerto Vallarta with the snow birds that spend the winters here from the states and Canada. The city is coming back to life and Marina Vallarta with the other Malicon or boardwalk is waiting for you to discover. Don´t forget to ask how to find Marina Vallarta, we are at the end of the Crusise ship Marina and with 150 shops, restaurants, hair salons, dentist and other services come see why it´s one of the top ten  private marinas in the world.

You know those ¨Pirates¨ I write about and how they kill not only the fishing industry, they killed Marina Vallarta with their undesirable activities, well the new mayor has set his targets on these mostly deported gang bangers from Los  Angeles and I have to  say it is amazing and refreshing. Plain clothed police types now patrol Marina Vallarta and the problem is coming to a head.  They still show up between shift changes, but if some guy comes walking up to you and tries to sell boats or tours or expecially tries to get you into a presentation, just threaten to find a police officer and have some fun.

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish….

Don´t forget to visit Marina Vallarta with its 150 shops, restaurants and professional services. It´s Puerto Vallarta´s other Malicon or Boardwalk. You owe it to yourself to come down and see it especially since the police are cleaning up the ¨Pirates¨ who bug the crap out of you!

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