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Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin Increasing Abundance, Fishing Grounds R Yours!

Written by Stan Gabruk


After years of fishing and writing articles one thing you learn for sure is when you expect things, it can only breed disappointment. Right now the opposite exist here in Puerto Vallarta when we´re speaking of world class fishing at El Banco and Corbeteña to name a few. Yellowfin Tuna are still not Monsters, but they are abundant. Black Marlin are taking baits, but you have to be there to experience the thrill. Blue Marlin as well with Snappers, Sailfish and the other usual players. Blue water, perfect water temperatures, plenty of bait in the water, what more could you want, an invitation. High Season for fishing is now coming into its own and if you are not here, then reading about it is a distant second.

Big Marlin at Corbeteña

Most of my readers know we´re in the Rainy Season for Puerto Vallarta. It´s a love / hate sort of thing for us here in PV. We love the temporary relief we get from the heat and humidity for sure. But the rains this year are not like other years, in fact they´re more hit and miss than a daily thing. Because of this the trash line is fading and unless you´re in front of a river mouth, the water has been  mostly blue and clear for those looking for a short day with something to show for it. Now as is normal inside the bay come summer time can be disappointing since so many of these pirate guys are selling the dream of Trophy Gamefish inside the bay. Well you won´t find Marlin in the bay like they say, but for some freak reason Sailfish are hanging around Yelapa and Las Animas area. They have been hanging out here for weeks now. The big surprise and I mean surprise is that we´ve seen 60 lb Yellowfin Tuna in the bay in this area as well. Yes, I said sixty pound Yellowfin Tuna in the Las Animas to Yelapa are, no kidding. Forget the trash line, it went away with the mostly miss rains we´ve been having lately. Dorado are still small, throw backs for the most part. Snappers in front of the river mouths with Roballo or Snook in English. Smaller fish in and around the rocks and structure. For those looking for some larger Yellowfin Tuna, not huge, you can have some serious arm burning action in a short day. So now is one of those times I speak of that when I say it´s time to go, it´s time to go… so, it´s time to go… that is if the wifey will LET YOU. For the guy who says the wife doesn´t speak for him, then get your butt on a boat and have some fun in our deserted fishing grounds … enough said.

Outside the bay, El Morro is still alive with Sailfish and Red Snappers in the 15to 25lb range. The Marietta Islands are to be honest a little weak, there are Needle fish, Bonito, Skip Jacks, Snappers and other smaller gamefish. For the most part I would focus on in the bay at Yelapa for the moment or head straight to Corbeteña / El Banco. Remember by the time you read this everything can change, so keep your ears on or call me, I would be happy to fill you in.

El Banco or Corbeteña, the song remains the same this week as it normally does this time of the year. Yellowfin Tuna are here, ranging from 45 to 150 lbs, it just depends on what you come across. Black Marlin are still running 500 lbs, but who´s complaining? Cubera Snappers to 50 lbs, Sailfish and even Blue Marlin are all happening now. The thing here that surprises me is the fishing grounds are empty. Now it could be an economy thing, it could be a money thing, but it is something. For those who have the ability and with willingness, we are looking for the explosion. That means all of a sudden we´ll start seeing Monster Yellowfin Tuna, huge and I do mean huge Black Marlin with their Blue Marlin cousins. You name the species, they´re out there NOW! Well, Dorado is still a little weak for some strange and unknown reason. It´s not a perfect world so we´ll do with what we got.

So,you can´t get this if you don´t get out to Corbeteña

North of Sayulita to Guymas, Sailfish are taking it to the limit. I mean they´re everywere and they are hungry, but live bait is not working like you would expect. Believe it or not Dead bait (all locations not just Sayulita north of Punta Mita) is working very well. Lures of purple, orange, pink, blue and green colors are working well in combinations. Which combination works, well everyday is different. But my best guess is purple combinations are a great place to start on the lures. Notice I said nothing about tiger prints and yellow.

As I mentioned earlier the rains have been on the subtle side and the trash line has all but disappeared. If you´re in Puerto Vallarta and you can get out immediately after the rains from the previous evening, well you´ve got a strong chance of hitting Dorado, Snappers and other game fish looking for an easy meal.

Also with the lack of ¨rains¨ the water in the bay is surprising clear and blue. This could explain the larger Yellowfin Tuna in the bay. But Blue Water is the fisherman’s friend which is why El Banco and Corbeteña is doing as well as they are. Blue and clear water allows fish at distance to see and chase your baits. Simple I know, but there you are.

Ok, so when is the bite? Well you´re either going to be the early bird or you´re going to be the last guy out there at all the fishing grounds since if you´re not there ready to go as the sun comes up or goes down, then you will miss the action. The bite time makes a difference, so remember when  asking for fishing information from Mr. Pirate guy walking the malicon or boardwalks. Anyone call sell you a boat with a cheap price, but if Mr.Pirate has no answers you would be better served by someone who does. Our first priority is to put you on fish that will bite, not just look at your bait. So keep this information in your back pocket, if any information is important in this article, the bite is what you really need to know. You can fake the rest.

For those of you who want to go fishing and you´re looking for a deal, let me know what your budget is, I can get you on a fine boat at a reduced price. Now if you want a higher level boat with well known captains then we have that as well. Master Baiter´s is a well rounded company and we do what we can to accommodate our clients as long as these boats deliver what they promise. Some do, many don´t so be sure you are getting what you´re looking for from us at Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle.

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish….

Don´t forget to visit Marina Vallarta with its 150 shops, restaurants and professional services. It´s Puerto Vallarta´s other Malicon or Boardwalk and it´s largely ignored by tourist with no real promotion by the city, why.. Who knows, but it is how it is amigos. With yachts, and the energy, you owe it to yourself to come down and see it!

22 million visitors with ¨deaf¨ ears came to Mexico last year, a record year for tourism even with the news. Find out more here and calm your fears amigo: http://theintelhub.com/2012/06/29/tourism-booms-in-mexico- as-crime-rises/

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