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Yellowfin Tuna at Corbeteña, El Banco Craps Out, Perfect October Fishing in PV! 

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter ´s Sportfishing and Tackle

I was hoping the few days after Hurricane Jove would push some much desired game fish to El Banco and it looked like this was going to be a jump start for this normally producing location. But his year El Banco has been anything but productive by any yard stick. T here were a few days after hurricane Jove passed by that were good, but that was short lived. Now the action is back at Corbeteña and what is happening now is the stuff finned fantasies are made of! Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Big Dorado, Sailfish, Cubera Snappers, I mean the Rock is Rockin for sure. People always ask me when the best time to be in Puerto Vallarta is? My answer is always the same, NOW! That´s right amigos, you are looking at the best time of the year to catch a Bucket List, Monster Finned Fantasy in our world famous fishing grounds of Puerto Vallarta. Welcome to Tournament Season amigos, the game is on!

Dorado in the Bay, 6 hrs on Mi Jenny
Dorado in the Bay, 6 hrs on Mi Jenny


Let´s just start with El Banco or The Bank as it is also commonly called. Now remember everything can change before I finish this article, but for my money, there is no reason to head out to El Banco, none. The fish you will find there are Sailfish, Maybe some Marlin, come Cubera Snappers (aka Dog Tooth Pargo) and football sized Yellowfin Tuna. Essentially the Footballs are bait for Corbeteña. For the next ten minutes (or so) heading to Corbeteña is your smartest move. There, I said it and I am sticking with it. Corbeteña Yes, El Banco, No. Enough Said. Update 10/19/ 2011 all of a sudden El Banco explodes with Yellowfin Tuna and larger Black Marlin. Like I said earlier in the article, before I could post it, things changed! Plenty of live bait and by that I mean full sized Chorra (any kind of bait including t he following), Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito and Sardines like nuts now!

Now Corbeteña has turned into the fishing ¨promise land¨ as late. Marlin is kinda sparse here right now, with most of the Marlin in the area between the rock and El Morro. Lots of Blue Marlin in the 500 lb range hanging out there looking for a live Skippie (aka SkipJack Tuna) or bullet Tuna / Bonito.  Dorado are huge with some in the 50lb range, Cubera Snappers are in the 60lb range, Sailfish are large and in tournament winning size ranges. Yellowfin tuna in the 160 lb range (several over 200lbs). I mean what more could you want for perfect fishing conditions? Plenty of bait, blue water, perfect water temperatures in the 84 degrees range. It is all coming together here and now. If you are heading out of the bay keep your ears open about El Banco, but plan on Corbeteña.

Sailfish off Punta Mita Point
Sailfish off Punta Mita Point

Both the points off Cabo Corrientes and Punta Mita are doing well with plenty of Dorado and nice sized Sailfish as you may expect for this time of the year. In fact normally we have a heavy season for Sailfish once the middle of October arrives. It´s just their pattern and many times these days with all the bait in the bay, they will come in and take advantage of the abundant bait fish. Between Cabo Corrientes and El Morro is fertile territory for these beauties. Which site is better, it depends on the day, so keep your ears on amigos.

The bay is insane with great fishing. Now four hour trips are producing well. But on a super panga for two more hours it will only cost you 50 bucks… and for six yours you can expect to limit out on everything. Yes I know nobody enforces the regulations yet, but you know what I mean. Remember to throw w the female Dorado back for obvious reasons. One dead female is like killing a small school of fish, remember that when you start keeping the females amigos.

Blue Marlin, 350 lbs, Corbeteña
Blue Marlin, 350 lbs, Corbeteña

I have been keeping a keen eye on the water temperatures as late and they are hanging in the area we would prefer in the 84 to 86 degree range. With NOAA declaring this another La Nina Year, very rare, we are expecting the same weather patterns as last year as well. But with a little luck it will be a mild la Nina year and we will see winter set in around normal. What does this mean to you if you are coming down in December and early January, well it means there should still be very large gamefish at the deep water fishing grounds. For the seasonal traveler or Holiday traveler this means you will have cool weather in PV and you will have hot fishing. I see this as a good thing since everyone wants to catch Moby Dick if they can. But remember Marlin at rare times will come into the bay, but almost never. You need longer distances to get larger fish in PV. Keep this in mind so you don´t get into some situation where you pay for something you would never have a chance to catch.


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Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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