Around here conditions can change in a heart beat and that is the case we´re seeing right now! Where as just a few days ago we saw perfect conditions at our world famous fishing grounds, the fish we anywhere but here! But like I said, this has all changed and the conditons now are some of the best I’ve seen for the whole year if you’re targeting Yellowfin Tuna or Black Marlin!

El Banco has been less than active the last few weeks, while on the other hand Corbetena has been alive with action.  Sailfish, Dorado, Black and Blue Marlin and of course Yellowfin Tuna.  The Tuna have been running anywhere from 30 lbs to 300 lbs and frankly anything is possible at the rock right now. Having said that, my expectations for the next few days is that wé’ll boat a large Marlin tomorrow (11/6) at Corbetena! We’ll be filming this day, hopefully we’ll get something for the people to watch with some interest! Stay tuned for more on this later….

Right now we’re coming out of the full moon phase and what has turned from bad to good, should move straight into great. The bite has been happening late in the day, so no sense in leaving early, that is unless you want to be out there two hours before day light trying to catch that morning bite. With all the crap in the water from the rains etc I wouldn´t suggest heading out to the fishing grounds at break neck speed in the early moring hours

The photo is of what was brought in today from Corbeteña by the Super Panga Pecositas…. This Black Marlin is estimated to be between 700 and 750 lbs! One of the biggest I´ve seen for some time. This would have been a tournament winner in Cabo just this past week!

I´ll have some more news for you Saturday after I give it my shot tomorrow… I´ll be filming, so I won’t be the star, just the host…. 


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700 + lb Black Marlin @ Corbeteña
Big, Black and Beautiful 700+ lb Marlin



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