Yellowfin Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta, Roll the Dice Enough Times and You’ll Win!

No matter how many times you roll the dice, you have to come up a winner at some point. Those who headed out to the Tres Maria Islands, also known as the Prison Islands found a few days there where Yellowfin Monsters averaging in the 240 lb range were running wild. Anywhere from the fifteen mile point to the first Island to the north end of the second island can produce arm busting action with very large, Maybe even monster Yellowfin Tuna. That’s right folks, I said Monster Yellowfin Tuna. With the water temperatures hovering in the 80 degree range, it was just a matter of time before we saw this abnormality spring up. With plenty of bait in the water, warm temperatures and of course a few willing Monster Hunters and you’ve got a recipe for one hell of a day! This trip is not for everyone, those with the motivation may catch some out of season species that will send you home in a brace!

The area between El Moro and the Marietta Islands is just boiling with Jack Crevalls, Rooster fish, Needle fish, Bonito, Snapper in the 30 lb range and much more. Now remember to keep clear of the reefs, but around them, now that is another thing amigos. Diamond jigs, live bait, poppers, they seem to be hungry and will take any or all of those options. Eight hour trips are the perfect combination right now for fun, sun, fish and correct price…. Remember, you are paying for experience at this time of the year, buy the captain, not the price.

North of Punta mita is still alive, but with all the action out at the Marietta Islands, for the same fuel, you get three options, and more variety. With the long liners destroying the area, why deal with them if you don’t have to? It is sad to see dead turtles stuck in these multi hundred hook long lines that are not tended and killing endangered species like this…. Anyone have any ideas on how to stop this ??

In the bay there is still action. The surf line has been on fire if you have an open enough mind to even give it a thought. My 25 ft. Panga went surf fishing from the ocean side and cast baits into the surf line. It was four hours of straight ¨hook and reel¨ action. Rooster fish, Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Needle Fish, Snapper, Roballo and other smaller game fish are well worth the effort. Now they’re not going to be a hundred pounds, but they will be abundant. Don’t want to troll all day, there is an option for you.

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Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish….

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