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by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

The days are longer now, the sun is more intense, and naturally the days are very warm with plenty of humidity. Perfect conditions for our summer species which are finally moving in. Bait is more than plentiful and we’ve seen the Seasonal Rains once again. We’re finally coming into the Season when we can expect larger fish, maybe not in large numbers, but things are picking up by the day. With the rains returning we’ve got several trash lines not to mention Sea Weed coming down from California. Get ready amigos, Puerto Vallarta is in the summer grove now and things will gradually improve from this point forward.

Of course the exciting news is at Corbetena where Yellowfin Tuna in the cow and monster ranges are not only here, but they’re good size. Now it’s not automatic by any stretch of the imagination, but it happening! Yellowfin Tuna are now ranging in the 200 to 230 lb range. With “some” over 330 lbs! That’s the upside, the down side is you’re going to have to work all day for one or three strikes. It can make a long day and with an early bite, it can make the day even longer. Sailfish are low in numbers, but here as well. Striped Marlin are still roaming the area, but not in large numbers. Since Stripers like cooler water I’m a little surprised they’re still in the area. But Sea Weed  is coming down from California so there is still some “current confusion”. So we have nice action at Corbetena, El Banco is still an information void but I’d say things could be rocking on the high points. These days with the ever increasing price of fuel and Corbetena being closer, the obvious choice is there. The bottom line, it’s time to consider our famous deep water fishing grounds if you have been waiting for “affordable” Tuna Fishing trips.

The area around El Morro to Punta Mita is picking up with Sailfish, finally! We also have several trash lines and the Sea Weed in the area make for some interesting fishing possibilities. Dorado running 15 lbs or so can be found in the area, so look for floating debris and Sea Weed and then head straight for it. You can find Bonito in the area but not too many for some reason. Jack Crevalls are thin but still roaming the area as well. So this area is primarily for Sailfish and Striped Marlin, maybe a Dorado. Reports of Sailfish north of Punta Mita are coming in as well so anything is possible amigos!

Inside the bay we’re pretty lucky this week as well. Dorado are down by Estela Dera or the Garza Blanca hotel area to Yelapa. And again around any debris in the bay. Striped Marlin strangely enough are back in the bay following the massive amounts of bait. Sierra Mackerels are still around and so are a few Jack Crevalls. But when you can boat a Striped Marlin in the bay in six hours, that’s a gift from the heavens. Also for the last couple of years we’ve seen Dorado move in earlier and earlier although they’re smaller sized. Three years ago it was late August before we saw our first Dorado so to me this is a blessing. A four or six hour trip will get you some world class fishing on a short day budget!

Now the details, the bite is happening early right now, be where ever you want to be before 08:00 a.m. This means NO sleeping in. Bait conditions are astounding. 3 inch Squids are thick in the our of bay areas, explains the Yellowfin Tuna, but every species like squid. Bullet Bonito a favorite.. Sardines, Goggle Eyes, flying fish and the list goes on.  And of course the ever important water temperatures are in the low end range of perfect at 82 degrees. Yellowfin have surprisingly enough been hanging around Corbetena, last week it was tough to get them to take bait, today that’s changed! And as is normal this won’t last forever so it’s a good idea to act quickly on these reports as things normally can change in a few days. You may work all day for one or maybe two Yellowfin Tuna, but those Tuna are Cows or maybe a Monster amigo. But listen, don’t get caught grabbing wifeys credit card! Ha ha…. Be smarter than me!

In the following weeks and days we’re expecting to see increases in water temperatures. If the bait hangs, especially the Squids for a little while then the next few days to a week should be very good for the Tuna guys. With Great Family fishing in the bay and Trophy fishing in our deep water fishing grounds we have fish for everyone. Just remember to throw the females back to help build the Dorado population again….  

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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