Fish ¨N¨ Chicks
Fish ¨N¨ Chicks

Stan Gabruk                Sept. 25, 2009            Western Outdoor News

Welcome to Fish City, Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish and More!

Finally, it’s fish city at Corbeteña and El Banco. Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and yes even Yellowfin Tuna amigos. Things have changed, water conditions are close to perfect, the moon phase is in full cooperation and there is plenty of bait in the deep, blue water locations. We´ve also seen more tourism or people due to the incredible vacation deals to Mexico. If you´re not here in Mexico, it´s time you thought about coming down!

The past week El Banco has been hot and cold when it comes to the Yellowfin Tuna. Some days they´re in the 60 lb range, others they´re in the 100 lb range. Then there are those days when someone will boat a 200 to 300 lb Yellowfin Tuna. This is just enough to make people think they´re out there and ready for action. But don´t be too excited amigo, fishing is still fishing and anything can happen. If you´re dead set on Yellowfin Tuna Monsters, you may come back disappointed. But if you´re looking for some serious Game Fish, then there should be no complaints. Marlin between 300 and 650 lbs has been happening daily. Sailfish and large Dorado are hitting live bait and lures alike.  With Blue water conditions and perfect water temperatures El Banco is still your best option if you´re looking for a possible world record fish! They´re out there, where are you? For now, there is no reason to pinch those precious  fuel dollars now!  

Corbeteña, the other popular deep water locations is alive with action as well. Cubera Snappers have been coming up In the 45 to 65 lb range. Sailfish are very large and getting more abundant by the day in the 80 to 100 inch length range. Amberjacks and Rainbow runners have been in and out for some reason. But Yellowfin have been mostly in and ranging from 60 to 200 lbs, it just depends on what you come across amigos . Surface trolling has been working, but down riggers are still suggested, just in case! When it comes to Yellowfin Tuna, Kites are still your best option, so don´t forget it or forsake it! Chum never hurts, but if you live in Vallarta, most boats won´t chum for nothing. Mixed reviews on dead bait chum, no squids, that´s another story. When Yellowfin are in the area and you can´t get them to pay attention to your baits, try squid chum and you´ll probably have different results.

El Morro and the Marietta Islands have exploded this week again with more Sailfish, smaller Dorado, Rooster fish and several other species just waiting to get to your bait! Trolling, casting and drifting are the best way to go this week. It has actually turned into a no-brainer, all you need to do is find a way out there and you´ll discover what I am talking about. For those of you on a budget, 8 hr days are relatively cheap and very productive. Pictured are my Fish ¨N¨ Chicks picture of a group of ladies who like to fish. They went to El Morro, hooked into two Sailfish, released one. Then got Mahi, Bonito and assorted other smaller fish. It was a great day, it was only 8 hrs and everyone came back with big smiles and tired arms!  

Those  interested in bay fishing will be happy to hear that the area out near Punta Mita and north a bit are producing very nice sized Dorado or Mahi in the 40 lb range. And not just one or two, yesterday I had a boat come in with at least four in this size range. The same boat went to the same area the day before and couldn´t get any attention paid to baits, lures or prayers! Just another example how in a heartbeat things can change. Other species are available as well like Snappers, Bonito, Needle fish and more, but they´re not Dorado. Six hour day will put you on these Golden green and blue beauties!

Water Temperatures are staying in line with normal and there is plenty of bait at the fishing grounds. So far we´re seeing a late season, but a season none the less. Those coming to Puerto Vallarta fishing grounds will be happy to know the primary locations are still for the most part percolating with action and waiting for you to arrive. We expect these conditions not to carry us into November when we have the Pez Vela Tournament. There should be plenty of fish for all of us until January when the seasons once again change.

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at: or

That’s it for now, Until Next Week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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