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Yellowfin Tuna on the Deck Sixty pound Blue Plate Specials
Yellowfin Tuna on the Deck Sixty pound Blue Plate Specials

We’re Fishing in a barrel, Marlin, Dorado, YF Tuna, Sailfish, PV On Fire!

Puerto Vallartas reputation for Sportfishing is legendary. With a bay that was formed by a volcano a million years ago it makes a heaven for baitfish and species of all kinds. It´s a perfect breeding ground for Whales, Bottle Nose Dolphin and Manta Rays. And at this time of the year the fishing is white hot! November marks one of the two months that the High Tourism season meshes with High Season for Fishing where vacationers and professionals alike are sharing the same fishing grounds. Now of course they’re mostly looking for Yellowfin Tuna at this time of the year and they´re coming in with full cockpits! Black Marlin have moved back into the area and Sailfish are huge, some in the 120 lb range and 13 feet long! November is always an exciting month in Puerto Vallarta and this year looks to be exciting as well!

Those looking for trophy sized game fish like Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna are still finding their luck at El Banco or The Bank. With YF Tuna running mostly in the 80 lb range have set up house, we’re just happy they’re out there.  Black Marlin are running in the 400 to 800lb range like last week and are still closer in to the point of Punta Mita than the high spots.  Unless you’re targeting Yellowfin, then El Banco may not be where you want to be. UPDATE: Those red Tuna Crabs have floated in with the currents along with small Squids and Jellyfish the size of baseballs. All favorites of Yellowfin Tuna. Now this makes boating these beauties difficult at best. But seasoned captains and first mates can improvise and adapt. Make sure your crew is aware of these conditions, they most likely are and head out prepared. Yellowfin now are running in the 120 to 160lb range if you can get their attention. Water temperatures are still in the 82 degree mark, perfect temps to keep them on the surface! Marlin have not been taking live bait, but plastic is working well, but they are still closer in to shore.

Corbeteña for the last week has been on the ¨Iffy¨ side.  But that has changed and there are larger Marlin and Sailfish just north of the Rock towards El Banco. Magnifico, our 31 ft Bertram Classic came in from Corbeteña with record challenging Sailfish as well. Cubera Snappers in the 60 lb range have been going after trolled baits as well. Yellowfin Tuna have also been boated here but have been on the small side of the average in the 60 lb range mostly this week.

The point off Punta Mita (5 to 15 miles) as I mentioned earlier is still a Machine for Black and Blue Marlin, Dorado and Sailfish. Plenty of bait in the water which is smaller in size has drawn in the Billfish towards shore. This will put you in a great area where anything is possible and may be the secret for the coming week. Keep an eye on this area amigos…

The Marietta Islands and El Morro have been getting more active by the day. An eight hour trip has a mixed bag of possible fish. Policonfondido, our 25 ft single engine panga (cheapest boat in the marina) came back in one day alone with two huge Sailfish, Four larger Dorado, 1 needle fish an African pompano and two smaller Rooster fish in the 30 lb range. Unless you´re targeting Marlin or YF Tuna, this may be the place to be if you´re looking at a limited fuel budget and still want some serious action! UPDATE: Larger Dorado up to 35 lbs have moved in to the area between El Morro and the Marietta Islands off the reefs. We’re also seeing Rooster fish in the 25 lb range and some larger Snappers in the 30 to 35 lb range. Surface baits are driving them nuts so bring your poppers and surface jigs along. Many times this is working better than live bait. Sailfish, very large sailfish in the 100 lb plus rang e are still out there taking baits. So the area is h eating up and for an 8 hr day is one of your better options at the moment.

Bait this week is pretty much the same condition as last week. Plenty of bait closer in to shore, not that much once you´re past the islands. Make sure you have bait before you head out to the fishing grounds! If you come across diving birds, get more bait! Get as much bait as you can hold because once you find the fish, this is their gold and your edge on the other boats. If you can´t make bait, Black and purple lures are a good option. Green and orange will also make these fickle fish do a double take. If you have bait, it is like fishing in a barrel out there RIGHT NOW!

While in town don’t forget to visit the Village in Marina Vallarta with Restaurant row and 150 shops from everything from hair salons to Peruvian Cuisine, you´ll have fun, get your food fix and who knows, and maybe rediscover how cool the village really is. If it´s been a while since you’ve been on the ¨Other Malicon¨ then it’s time to check It out. In fact there is a new ¨Diner¨ type of restaurant where Sea Fare used to be that open a few days ago that I´ll be trying tonight!

Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at: www.MasterBaiters.com.mx or CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx

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