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Water Warms, Striped Marlin, Sailfish & Dorado More Abundant

Written by Stan Gabruk


For those of you who have been in the Puerto Vallarta area you know that come early may the heat begins and the humidity takes off. When this happens we know that the seasonal visitors that melt in the sun will soon be heading back north to cooler weather and familiar settings. For those of us who wait for these late spring and summer conditions to arrive, we´re excited about what this means. For those unfamiliar with what I am talking about, early May is the transition period we see between spring and summer fishing. Cooler water is becoming a thing of the recent past. With the raising humidity comes warmer water moving into the area, naturally. One of the signals that summer is just around the corner is when the bait fish invade the bay again, like we have happening now. First the bait, then the fish. One step at a time as the bay if filling with bait. Now we have some great fishing for May right now, but things are improving daily and it looks like for the first time in three years Puerto Vallarta fishing will be somewhat normal based on past history expectations. Me, I am just pickled tink we have fish. If you are in the area looking to head out, you will find virtually empty fishing ground when it comes to boats and people. But the fish are there, the conditions are good (not great) and we have fish for the table tonight Amigo.  Time to drain those fuel dollars from that special account you have the wife knows nothing of. World Class Game fishing is coming back to Puerto Vallarta as we speak.

Come this time of the year tourism is down and I guess that is not a bad thing when the transition does finally come as it is now. For the last three years we have sat and wondered what was going to happen to the water conditions and when we would have trophy fish in the bay. Well they´re not quite there yet, but they will be soon. For now fishing in the bay other than for bait is on the weak side. Four to six hour trips will produce small fish, nothing new there. Now with a few extra dollars you can find yourself at the Marietta islands where the action really is. So for now the bay is not your best option. Enough said ….

Dorado at Corbeteña, Michael Khounnaia

Heading out to the Marietta islands you see bait balls and birds everywhere, but these are small snappers and baby Dorado chasing this bait. As you reach the Marietta Islands you will find clean water and fish! Rooster fish are still taking baits running in the 35lb range. Snappers are still hanging running 20 to 35lbs if lucky. Jack Crevalls are finally thinning out, Skip jacks have moved into the area, Dorado are here but they´re still spawners… Young Dorado less than a year old anywhere from six pounds up to about 15. Remember to leave the babies, especially the females full of eggs! Just off El Morro there are nice sized sailfish taking any well presented bait. But they´ll normally take live bait first, so keep that in mind. This area is well worth your time and fuel dollar now, so if you´ve been waiting, the wait is over.

Corbeteña has had several Striped Marlin boated just East of the rock about five miles. This area has it´s days and the last few days have been especially fruitful. Running anywhere from 175 to 250 lbs, they are not large by any expectation, but they are there! Dorado is running larger here in the 30 lb and up range. Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Cubera Snappers and the possibility of Wahoo. We should start seeing Yellowfin Tuna in the next few weeks moving in, but of course they are normally smaller so we call these Footballs. For now there may be the Stray Yellowfin Tuna, but don´t have much in the way of expectations.

El Banco is still out there, most people are flying past the high spots on the way out to the Tres Maria islands. The high spots are hot and cold for the most part. You can find Yellowfin Tuna about ten to fifteen miles past the high spots for those who are interested. Reports of 60to 120 pounders are being boated. Sailfish, Striped Marlin as well, Cubera Snappers, Rainbow Runners are the players for now. My suggestion is wait for some more positive news regarding what is being boated here before heading out to this area favorite.

NOT much news from the Tres Maria Islands these days as tourism has come almost to a halt as it does in May. Keep your ears open, when fish are boated in this area many times they will make the international news.

Punta Mita, normally a hot spot for Dorado and Sailfish for months just barely had a pulse. Things are improving with Dorado off the point in the 30 lb range. Sailfish are little farther out with Striped Marlin about ten miles off the point at a 310 heading. Rooster Fish are around the corner off Anclote reef near Sayulita! Those in the Sayulita area will find a four hour trip off the beach pangas may be worth it. Beach boats for the most part are not equipped well and are lacking in too many ways. But for something that is close in, especially in this area would make the expense well worth Dorado on the dinner table. Great area for now with plenty of arm burning action.

In the upcoming weeks we will see Skip Jacks moving stronger into the bay. Blue and Black Marlin will start showing in about another month or so. Look for Black and Blue Marlin moving into the deep water locations about the second week of June. But by July the Marlin Fishing will be strong. If heading down for a summer vacation or fishing trip keep this in mind. By mid June we will see larger Yellowfin move in and that´s a good thing amigo! YeHa!!

We´re Between the Oxxo and La Teraza Restaurant, at Dock D

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That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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