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                             Water Temps Increase, Marlin and YF Tuna Return!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


02 16 1206 GuanaTuna, Yellowfin Tuna 80 lbs Raw Photo 2  650 Pxls MBTextEaster is behind us now, the tourism season is slowing down with tourist thinning out by the day. You can feel the days are a little warmer, a little more humid, yes spring is here and summer is about to appear in our little corner of Paradise. Last week we saw a chill current chase all the billfish and Yellowfin Tuna out, the Production Fishing ships are still in the area and once they figure out there are Yellowfin tuna around El Banco it´s just a matter of what could be hours before they decimate the deep water locations all the way into the Marietta Islands. Yes folks fishing is great if you can get to the fish before the Seiners. Welcome to corruptions in the world of Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta!

04 09 2016 Tuna on GuanaTuna 650 Pxls MBTextWhile it´s frustrating to deal with Seiners, the fishing is on the upswing. What was a fish ghost town at El Banco has turned into ¨Fish City¨. Black Marlin have also move in running between 350 and 600 lbs, several were hooked the last few days, lost them all so no pics! But we´re happy to say they´re out there and the conditions couldn´t be better if it was October! Yellowfin Tuna are between 7 to 14 miles west of El Banco and they´re hitting trolled Bullet Bonito like my ex would jump at a new credit card! We also have varied baits, like one inch squids that are transparent and plentiful. Small baits can present challenges when trying to mimic them, but it can be done with a skillful captain and first mate. Throw in Cuberra Snappers, Bonito to 35 lbs as swimming bait, Jack Crevalls, Some Sailfish in the 90 lb range. Wahoo possibilities still and running 50 to 80 lbs. By contrast Corbeteña is still a little sluggish. Sailfish, Wahoo, Red Snapper and Cuberra Snapper. Marlin and Tuna may show up soon, stay tuned, what happens at one many times will transfer to the other location.

Punta Mita and the Marietta Islands have ¨warmed¨ up a bit with Rooster fish picking up in numbers and size. Average size is 35 to 40 lbs with some larger ones in the 75 lb range. So finally we have some Rooster fish we can target. Bullet Bonito are their bait of choice so don´t worry to much about buying bait in the morning, get out to the fishing grounds and see what they´re hitting. Like I said, small almost transparent squids are all over the place out there and if you don´t mimic, you have to catch! Jack Crevalls to 45 lbs, Sierra Mackerals are on the large side of 20 lbs, Arctic Bonito to 40 lbs, Needle Fish, Possible Pompano, Snappers and the list goes on. Eight hours fishing is well worth the fuel dollar! We had a freak occurance at El Morro where we had 80 lb Yellowfin Tuna taking advantage of the upwellings so lightening can strike.

04 09 2016 Monique Fishing in bay 2 650 Pxls MBTextInside the bay was very slow, but now we are rolling with Jack Crevalls 630 to 50 lbs, Sierra Mackerals, Needle fish or various sizes averaging around 25 lbs, Snapper around the river mouths and structure. Bonito to 30 lbs and the list is endless. The bay is full of bait and this is attracting some Sailfish around the La Cruz and Los Arcos areas. Now don´t expect to boat a Sailfish, but it´s been happening….

All the fishing ground outside the bay are seeing beautiful high visibility blue water. Bait is more than abundant everywhere, but at the mouth of the bay we´re still seeing flying fish, Bullet Bonito, Some Sardines, Squids of 1 inch around the Rock and high spots of El Banco. Water temperatures have jumped back up to 77 degrees and well it´s still warm for this time of calendar year, but it´s right in with El Nino. If heading out make sure you check to see if the seiners have desimated the deep water fishing grounds. But when Yellowfin tuna aren´t schooling and free swimming it´s safer for the sportfisherman since these ships don`t target single tuna, they can´t. If running lures this week make sure you have Yellow lures with red specs or green in color. Do this and you have a better chance of coming in with a fish you can kiss!

This was a shared boat and they were a Happy Group at the end of the day! Bella Del Mar with Captain Hector!
This was a shared boat and they were a Happy Group at the end of the day! Bella Del Mar with Captain Hector!

Shared boats: Yes we´re still doing the shared boat thing, if you´re interested contact us before you arrive in Puerto Vallarta so we can start working on matching you up with other people. This Special is Half a super panga, you can have two people, fishing or not for $275 usd for eight hours. This is very popular option on a simi private boat and the best fishing deal in town for those with a vacation budget. So don´t delay and don´t worry about money, we´ve got you covered! The Downtown Store on Basidillo Badillo and Insurgentes is still open as High Season ends. Call Chris (El Centro Mgr) at (044) 322 112 9558 for fishing, tours or T-shrts amigo.  I am still in Marina Vallarta so take your pick. YeHa! We are also Smoking your fish, we keep half, but man is this stuff good. Call Chris for Details in my El Centro store.

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. ..

Another Incredible Sunset , PV I love You!
Another Incredible Sunset , PV I love You!

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