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                          Water Temps Drop, Massive Bait, Striped Marlin Arriving

                 Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Find Floating Debris, Catch Dorado, that easy

For the last week we’ve had our challenges with “too much” of a good thing. Water temperatures had been hanging at the 79 to 81 degree mark but that changed in the last few days where we’re now seeing 76 degrees throughout the area. Now these water temps will still support warm water species and they’re still here. With the massive bait we’re competing with their favorite foods, there lies the challenge. There is always plenty of action to be had in the area, but the action and the players will be changing as we move into the winter season.

We had a few days this past week where we had a cold system come down from the north pushing some colder weather and rough seas at us. At Corbetena we’ve seen several warm water species still in the area taking advantage of the abundant bait in the form of Skip Jack Tuna, Sardines, Red Crabs, Hard Shelled Squids, Bullet Bonito, you name it, it’s out there. If targeting Tuna to 80 lbs you’ll need electronics with a sounder to see the depth of these elusive Yellowfin Tuna, don’t forget the down rigger. Sailfish are still in the area as well. The biggest opportunity right now is Wahoo. I don’t say this often but they’re fairly abundant and they like this cooler water. Targeting Wahoo for the most part eliminates your chances for other types of fish since you need to troll at a faster speed. Wahoo are between 50 to 80 lbs and well worth your time. Marlin are moving out, no reports of any strikes. Lots of Yellowfin Tuna Marks on the Sounders, they’re here. Dorado are in the warm spots as we have swirling currents as you’d expect. Feeling Lucky??

At the point of Punta Mita and the surrounding area we’re seeing more and more Jack Crevalls aka Torros and the locals call them from 30 to 50 lbs and a lot of fun to catch. Sailfish are here as well, the closer you are to Sayulita the better your chances. A ten hour trip may be necessary if you’re serious about targeting Sails. Dorado can still be found around any floating debris, but difficult if you don’t. There have been a lot of the mentioned hard shelled Squids in this area and they’re full of em. Striped Marlin are moving in and this is the next best opportunity. As you read this article they may already be picking up in numbers. Cabo had massive amounts of Stripers last week so we’re hoping to see more these coming days and weeks. With abundant amounts of Sardines and the cooling water temperatures conditions are perfect for Rooster fish so cross your fingers. 

Inside the bay Sailfish are still occasionally taking baits especially around the La Cruz Area. Snappers are starting to move in but are still in the 10 to 12 lb range. Sierra Mackerels 12 lbs are also all over the area, great tasting smaller gamefish make a great dinner. Skip jack Tuna at 7 lbs, Bonito to 30 lbs, Dorado are roaming and can still be in the 25 lb range if you can get them to pay attention to your presentation aka bait. For the vacationing angler a six hour trip in the bay is a great value, lots of fun and with Whales in the bay you can get some great scenery.

We can now continue to expect water temperatures to continue to drop. The end of High Season for fishing these warm water species in sight. With Massive amounts of their favorite “fast food” they’ll all hang until the bait thins out. Until then we expect the action to stay strong with some days better than others. Jack Crevalls are saving the day as they always do. Great for family fishing fun and while they’re not the best eating, they’re super fun to catch and will give the family memories for years to come. The bite is still late, some days it seems the afternoon bite around 1 p.m. is when many have hit the best bite. Morning bite is still around 10 a.m. or later so getting an early start may cut your chances. As which lure or baits to use this week, well that’s a crap shoot for now. Give it all you’ve got, work hard, change baits every twenty minutes if nothing happens and we’ll be right there with you. A little luck mixed in with a skillful crew won’t hurt your chances. But one thing for sure, the better your captain and crew, the better your chances will be.

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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