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Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin, Changing Conditions, Summer is Coming….

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle

Dorado at the boat, Blue Water and Golden Pescado await you NOW!
Dorado at the boat, Blue Water and Golden Pescado await you NOW!

Fish, Fish, where are the fish? For the last few weeks we´ve been playing this game in our world famous fishing grounds. Some days you find the fish, other days you have to hunt for the fish! Some days are good, others are bad and still others you will find fish and not get them to pay any attention to what you have to offer. Now this may be frustrating, but in May, we´re happy to have these topsy turvy conditions. The bottom line this week is the conditions have moved from iffy at best to fair if you’re on a boat that doesn´t mind looking for fish!

Sailfish and Striped Marlin are heavy in the Guyavitos area which is about twenty miles north of Punta Mita. So you´re looking at a ten hour fishing day minimum. While this is a little far for a Sailfish, it is just about what we hope for this early in the coming season. They will be moving closer in shortly, stand by.

The Marietta Islands are a little better than last week, but not fantastic as we´ve all come to expect in the last few months. Rooster fish in the 40 lb range are still taking Google Eyes, Rapallas and of course Silver Diamond Jigs. Snappers are thinning out, but still there. We have seen the arrival of Skip Jack Tuna (Skippies) and Bonito and Jack Crevalls to 40 lbs which is great for us and attractive to other fish looking for a meal. The conditions are improving as we hope they will in May so we´re right on time when it comes to the calendar this year…. Still waiting for Dorado or Mahi Mahi as they are commonly known as. Stay tuned.

Corbeteña is alive with action 7 miles or so out from the rock where the drop is. Better known as the continental shelf the currents are running strong here and there are Yellowfin Tuna in the 30 to 50lb range, nothing spectacular but when these ¨Football Tuna¨ show up, we know it won´t be long before we see Monster Yellowfin Tuna move in the area. Sailfish are in and out, mostly out and we are still waiting to see Sailfish show up in better numbers. The clock is ticking, it’s just a matter of time amigos! Now we have Dorado and they are large in the 45lb range, but you will be lucky to boat two in a day! There was a log floating in the area and this condition was heaven for those lucky enough to find them. Just another indication things are changing for the better.

El Banco, just forget about El Banco. 15 Miles off the high spots there are Striped Marlin, but not enough to justify the fuel cost just yet.  This can change quickly, so keep your ears open.

What we are seeing now, which is exciting for those planning Fishing Trips to Puerto is the mere fact that water temperatures are a perfect 83 degrees. There is plenty of bait fish in the water in the form of Skip Jacks, Bonito and Dorado not to mention the Sardines and other smaller bait fish that draw these gamefish beauties in for sure. But more importantly the water is Blue, Blue, Blue! Perfect for our finned friends when they do decide to show up.

With this being the slowest month for us (fishing  / tourism) in the year, May is always slow on fishing and boats heading out. It is difficult at best to get a feel for what is happening at the fishing grounds. But there are plenty of fish for those who can be a little flexible on time and distance. If you are one of those guys who want to head out the distance, anything is possible. If you are only interested in fishing in closer and you´re on a budget, then the bay is still a great place to have some smaller action on light tackle.  But no matter what you want to do, Puerto Vallarta’s fishing grounds can make it all happen. The only question we have now is when are you heading out?

My tip for this week is to keep your eyes on the water in front of you. People look for Birds diving into the water. Especially boats with no electronics to show ridges and gulley’s on the ocean floor. But what if there are no birds in the area. Do you not catch fish or what? My tip today is to keep an eye about 100 to 300 yards in front of the boat or to the side. You can actually see action on the water when bait fish of all sizes are trying to get away. Diving birds are a great help to find running bait, but it´s not the only way to find fish. If you have a fish finder, all the better amigos. Remember fishing is expensive and it is our job to help you catch fish and try to keep a little $$$ for the wife in your pocket!

Well that is about it for now, until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish……

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