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Tuna Return to Corbetena, Porpoise & Shark Bait Robbers!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


07 30 2016 300 lb Black Marlin, Scooby, Corbeteña, 650 pxls MBTextI guess it all depends on if you´re a half full or half empty type of person as to if conditions are good or bad. Yes there are still challenges, but this is fishing and if you can´t handle a challenge then you shouldn´t get in the boat to go fishing! We have World Class Big fish out there, they´re spread out and they´re taking baits! There are also ¨challenges¨ in the form of Dolphin or Porpoise and Sharks, Lemon Sharks to be exact. Conditions for fishing are great, but this cat and mouse game you have to play with these bait stealers will drive you nuts! Welcome to the world of Big Game Fishing amigos!

Corbeteña is still the place to be as El Banco is all but Ignored by the locals since Corbeteña is closer and frankly the action is so good in this area nobody is looking to El Banco. The Bank may be doing well, but we wouldn´t know it since there is no word, boats basically heading this way. So the Rock is the place to be with Big Black Marlin running anywhere from 250 lbs to 700 lbs. When it gets like this there could be Granders out there over 1,000 lbs! Blue Marlin are in the same category but not as abundant as Black Marlin at the moment. Sailfish are also in the area, but on the thin side. Cubera Snappers as well as always, but who jigs when we have fish like this in the area? Yellowfin Tuna are back in the 80 to 140 lb range, but you may find Schools of 30 to 40 lb footballs, which are great tasting and don´t take all day to boat! For Yellowfin Tuna use a kite with Goggle eyes for bait and that will work better than trolling if targeting Tuna. With blue water, the bait situation could be better and this is a challenge as well. Yes there is bait at Corbeteña, but it´s sparse and it will take time to get a local Chorra or bait fish. For the moment it´s best to make sure you purchase plenty of Goggle eyes in the morning, but still make bait around El Morro / Marietta Islands, fill the Tuna Tubes. This is critical because the time you´ll be spending to make bait at the rock is better spent trolling for Moby! Another thing to remember is these fish are not on top of the Rock, they´re mostly five to ten miles due west of this area and farther out. In fact drifting towards El Banco can produce some wonderful and surprising results once you reach the channels the area is famous for. Water temps are perfects at 34 to 85 degrees with High Visibility Blue Water makes conditions just this side of perfect! Last week they were ignoring Google Eyes so plan accordingly. El Banco, to be fair there could be some big fish, but we´re going to Corbeteña until further notice, so if you head out this way share your experiences and I´ll share with my readers!

Sailfish caught off El Morro on Guanatuna
Sailfish caught off El Morro on Guanatuna

The area on the back side of El Morro and the Marietta Islands has been incredible for Sailfish and not much else. With a heavier concentration of different bait fish this area is where you want to make bait before moving on to Corbeteña. In fact I´d make bait, then start trolling to Corbeteña from here. If time is at a premium and the little lady doesn´t want to be waiting for your Anglers Butt then Sailfish are right here in an eight hour trip. Around the point off Punta Mita we´re still seeing Striped Marlin, but they´re a little thin this week as they normally like cooler water temperatures than we presently have. If you´re in Cabo reading this, then they should be your way. We have smaller Rooster fish around the reefs near Sayulita and the river mouths out of the bay and in the surf line. These Rooster fish are smaller, nothing over 30 lbs, but if you have a desire for Roosters, well they`re in the area and worth a shot. Dorado is in the area as well, but they´re more bait size than keepers. Remember we´re seeing some real population issues with Dorado so always, always throw the females back or the future for Dorado is questionable. Of course around the Marietta Islands you´ll always find Bonito to 35 lbs, Jack Crevalls, Snappers of all sizes, and the list goes on for the smaller species.

Inside the bay, you could just cut and paste last weeks report and insert here! For the family guy there is always plenty of action for the kids of all ages. With the rain we´re seeing the trash line again, which is always interesting as smaller fish will feed on the organic ¨trail mix¨ that washes down the rivers into the bay. Don´t be discouraged by ¨dirty¨ water of the color of coffee. It´s a thick layer of dirty water with fish underneath. Use a planer to get your bait down about six feet and anything is possible. Also the front edge is always a hot spot. We also see Sailfish in the blue water areas around La Cruz and Los Arcos, it´s still ¨freaky¨ but we´ll take what we can get! Around the river mouth there are always Snook to 30 lbs, Snapper and any other fish that likes the fresh water pouring into the bay. A four to six hour family fishing trip can include snorkel equipment and a tour of La Animas or Yelapa, so why not include a tour with fishing and save money, just a thought as it´s very popular with families of all ages!

Ok, so you know the fishing is ¨great but not perfect. You understand that there are big fish to be had, but it´s not automatic and you could come in empty handed, such is the life of a Sportsman. But you could come in with a 700 lb Black Marlin, it´s a risk that we try to edge in your favor with these reports, but again luck is always a factor. Having said that we have perfect blue water, perfect water temperatures. Plenty of bait all around, except at Corbeteña that is. Green Runners, Flying fish from 3 to 6 inches. Bullet Bonito and Skip Jacks, Goggle eyes, and the list goes on. So once again, make bait before you get to Corbetena! The bite, even with the full moon is still happening after 10 a.m. and running until the late afternoon until about 5 in the afternoon. No need to spring out of bed too early as it won´t help your cause. But if you want to get out of the house and to the boat then that´s good too! If running lures, the old reliable are the best place to start, Petroleros are working great and Green / yellow with black stripes will work as well. Just a reminder, everyone promeses results, that´s a no brainer. But the simple fact is when you have a 500 lb fish on the end of your line, this is not time to figure out the drags are slipping, the line is old and the crew has five lures and no extra light tackle poles to handle smaller fish. All boats are not created the same and the ¨cheaper¨ the price, the less likely you´ll boat that fish for one simple reason, you can´t get around mimimum requirements and expect to perform. You can save twenty, fifty or even a hundred dollars or more, but Mexico is not an even playing field, you should have diminished expectations on low margin and low rent boats! You´ll never get more than  you paid for amigos in Mexico. Cutting corners on price can mean the difference in boating that bucket list fish or coming in with an empty boat! Now I am not saying less expensive boats are not performing, I know many that do, but do you know these boats? The good news is you always have these reports so you know what to expect condition wise and of course we´re always here to help!

07 29 2016 Released Sailfish
We Release as many Sailfish and Marlin as possible, but we do support taking one for pictures as the law allows….

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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Hurricanes and Tropical Storms can produce some Spectacular Sunsets, this was taken from my shop on the boardwalk in Marina Vallarta, Que Hermosa!
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms can produce some Spectacular Sunsets, this was taken from my shop on the boardwalk in Marina Vallarta, Que Hermosa!