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Tropical Conditions Pushing Fish Out of Area Momentarily, Bay Fishing is Great!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Bella Del Mar with Capt Hector boats a Sailfish in the bay near La Cruz
Bella Del Mar with Capt Hector boats a Sailfish in the bay near La Cruz

Summer has arrived in all its glory now. It’s warm, normally around 90 to 100 degrees daily. Humidity is unbearable for those from a drier climate running normally over 80 percent. It can be unbearable at times. Puerto Vallarta is for all practical purposes a “Fish Bowl” that holds humidity. With a little pressure from a microscopic system will cause rain daily. Sometimes those tiny “systems” can be a bit of a problem as fish in the area will feel this pressure in the water! When this happens the fish will move out. We’ve seen some of this the past week. Having said that, the fishing is still great, but you will come back empty handed if heading out past the Marietta Islands. With blue water conditions and plenty of bait in the area, this will be short lived.

This week if you’re heading to the deep water locations of Corbetena or El Banco you may come back with fish, but then again if the last few days are an indicator, it may be wise to wait a day or two. We have times when things just fall apart, the locals say it’s “slow”. We have blue water, plenty of bait, water temp is a little high at 88 but not a disaster. It’s just this high pressure “zones” that move in and out now that’s the issue. You could find Sailfish and Marlin in the northern area past Corbetena, but then again if the last few days are any example then wait for some news. Of course you can always Jig for Cubera Snappers and go with “luck”, it happens, but for now save those fuel dollars for better days.

08 15 2017 Magnifico Sail Punta Mita 2 400 pxls MBTextAround Punta Mita and the Marietta Islands have been equally as disappointing. We saw some great days last week with super abundant Sailfish, some nice Dorado and of course we had some 40 lb Rooster fish near the shoreline and reefs type areas of Anclote, north of Sayulita. But that was short lived as these high pressure “eddies” continue to swirl around the “fish bowl” we have here. It saves our butts for Hurricanes, but you can feel the pressure making the heat and humidity more intense. Vacationers just think it’s hot and hotter. For now things can change before you finish reading this article so don’t be discouraged, just fire me an email and I’ll get you the latest and greatest information amigos.

Once again amigos inside the bay wins the prize as the best fishing PV has to offer. Sailfish in both ends of the bay, Small Yellowfin Tuna to 30 lbs around Yelapa and abundant. Jack Crevalls are peppered throughout the area. Bonito, Skippies, 40 lb Rooster fish still possible near Estiladeras or close to La Cruz in the surf. Six hours got a client a nice Sailfish, we haven’t seen Sailfish for a few days and to boat one in the bay is pretty unusual, but unusual has turned into the norm for the last year! Those looking to have some great and fun action would be well served to consider the bay as your first and best option for the next twenty minutes….

Water temperatures have gone up a bit to 88 degrees as mentioned earlier, but this is not the problem, it’s the pressure these fish feel that has been their issue. Water it blue and perfect. We’re also seeing lots of Baby Skip Jack Tuna by the billions, Some Sardines, Goggle eyes and the list goes on. For now lures are not that great to use, but Petroleros and Blue with Silver are working well, start there and go through your lures one at a time. Something will work. The bite is hard to call this week. We’ve seen lots of cloud cover and a fair amount of rain if you’ve seen the news services or seen Facebook accounts. There is a lot of floating debris in the bay so if you’re on a boat be sure to keep an eye open for floating stumps or dead heads as they’re called. The trash line could be something to pay attention to, but only small Dorado are there, so throw the babies back.

All and all the fishing has been running hot and cold. One day it’s so hot we’ll have twenty five strikes within three boats. The next day it’s a fish “ghost town”. For now we’ll just play to our strengths and play in the bay. It’s less expensive and if you want to catch fish this is probably your best option and you will catch fish. If that’s the goal and you’re not hoping to catch Moby Dick, then you’ll have a great day amigos…  Malicon Location map 600 Pxls20170818_105611

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Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!


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