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                        Transition Fishing Conditions Continue, Take it Day by Day

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

02 04 2017 AngePozwa, Adrianas, MBText 650 pxlsOk Folks, let me start with an appology for not posting an article for the last few weeks, no excuses. Busy and I¨m limited by the hours in a day and the projects I can juggle. But it´s all a good thing as we´re looking for a new beach location so we can finally get a Master Baiter´s ¨Fish ¨N¨ Chix¨ Beach Club with super affordable beer, a free shot of Tequila (Maybe my brand), Cuban Cigars and of course Chix! Stay tuned… I might actually get this to happen! In the mean time I return you to your Fishing Reportt….

Every February we see the same conditions, strong cold currents, species changing and difficult days at the fishing grounds. Nothing strange and nothing unexpected, it´s winter fishing and we all need to adjust.

It´s going to be a short report this week. We´ve seen Corbetena and El Banco turn into a fish ghost town. For now it´s a complete waste of your fishing dollar and time. So those promoters pushing you to take a ten hour trip to catch Marlin and Tuna, it´s total crap. And it´s not going to change anytime soon. Don´t give these guys a single peso, they´re Tourist Abusers! Anything farther out than the Marietta Islands

Speaking of the Marietta Islands there are still Pompano to 35 lbs but the numbers for some reason are diminishing. Bonito to 30 lbs, Jack Crevalls to 50 lbs and picking up in numbers as you´d expect. Some reports of Sailfish, but nothing solid. Sardines of a half inch in length are flooding the area, the six inch Sardines are moving out and the Rooster Fish we hoped for, they never came in!

01 25 2017c Capt Scooby, Guanatina, 650 pxls MBTextInside the bay we´re seeing the same situation as the Marietta Islands, without Pompano´s. Snapper around the structure, Snook around the river mouths if you can get your baits around the long lines set up in front of the river mouths. People are still seeing Sailfish in the bay, but no boatings as I am aware of. Football Tuna around Yelapa if you´re lucky and Jack Crevalls to 40 lbs everywhere in the bay. For the angler on a budget you´ll catch fish for a fair price and have a great time. Now if you consider Jack Crevall trash fish, then I don´t know what to tell you, but they´ll tear your arms off so throw them back and stop the bad mouthing! Jeez…

At El Morro, Sierra Mackerals, Pompano & YF Football, Tuna, Jack Crevalls and a Snapper!
At El Morro, Sierra Mackerals, Pompano & YF Football Tuna!

We´ve seen water temperatures take a step up to 74 degrees in the bay to 72 degrees at El Banco and Corbeteña. Better than the 70 degrees we had last week, so be happy water temps have hopefully hit bottom… The bite is happening early around 8:30 so be sure to leave early, even if fishing only four hours be sure you´re where you want to be by this time… Baits: Who knows… ha ha ha… If you can figure out how to mimic half inch Sardines let me know!

For those looking for a Shared Boat, we´re going full speed ahead and we´re scheduling shared boats daily. $275 usd, two people, half a super panga for eight hours, a great deal for those on a budget. So contact me if coming down to PV and lets ¨Hook U Up¨. Also Raffa, the only Mexican in PV that won´t sell you a ¨timeshare¨ is my tour expert. He´ll get you such discounts on tours I can´t even tell you because the local companies get upset. But our clients can expect major discounts on Vallarta Adventures, The Pirate Ship, you name it. Be patient with Raffa, he´s a little slow, but his heart is in the right place for Master Baiter´s Clients.

Remember we Freeze Fish Free for cutsomers… And we´re the only real fishing company in PV anymore so it makes sense we´re the only ones with enough money to get a freezer!!

We´re Still Hooking-People up with Shared Boats, 8 hrs, 2 people, Half a super panga at $275 usd, you wonñ´t beat that deal. Call us, Email us before coming down and we´ll do what we can to match you up...

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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