The season continues moving forward into September, considered the hottest and most productive month of the year!

September is the month when it´s possible to boat a world record fish, but first you have to be out at our world famous fishing grounds to take advantage of the situations.

Now I live in Puerto Vallarta, have for more than seven years now and every time you think you´ve got the fishing figured out, Mother Nature shows you that ¨You Don´t Know Anything¨!  Guys like me, who have people looking to him to tell them what is happening, then trust me with a thousand dollars for a ten hour trip to an area that is 35 miles from the closest land  Then expect to catch Moby Dick! Normally I would say that Moby is not in the building… but now, he just may be.

As we come into September, we now the water temperatures and currents are the most favorable between now and the end of November. Yellowfin Tuna can run anywhere from 70 to 300 lbs. It just depends on the day, the size of the fish migrating in the area and the bait available. No bait, no fish, no matter where you are! Some times location makes a difference with the underwater conditons, some call it structure, making all the difference.

Take Corbetena for instance, this place is the most flexible fishing grounds we have in PV. Many call it the rock, what ever you call it, it´s a fish heaven.  35 miles out from Puerto Vallarta you come across this rock, with a long pole attached in the middle with a light. Not much of a warning for this small island, but I guess it does the job. Off the island there are deep troughs or channels, depends on what you choose to call it…. Off the south end of the rock, there is an underwater finger that when the water is a little cooler, you can hit Wahoo! Now these are the best tasting fish I´ve ever had, and trust me, I´ve eaten tons of fish!  Just a little west of the rock is Volcanic Structure where if you´re a fan of Cubera Snapper or Dog Tooth Pargo as they´re often referred to, this is the place to be. Now there are those who turn their nose up at these ¨bottom¨ fish, but that is just plain stupid. These fish will normally be anywhere from 40 to 70 plus pounds. They taste great, and fight like a Sailfish when they´re over fifty pounds. On light tackle you´ve got a real battle on your hands! I´ve attached a picture of a Cubera Snapper to show you just how big they can get….. It´s in this article somewhere…..

Now Yellowfin Tuna love this area since the bait fish like to hang close to the ¨rock¨ for protection. The YF Tuna like to come up from the depths and slash through bait balls the size of WalMart, parking lot and all. It´s also deep, so if you have warm water conditions like now, warmer than we´d like with El Nino, you can run a down rigger and get to the cooler temps where these YF beauties will linger. Kinda like being in an air conditioned building when it´s hot an humid outside. Who wants to deal with the heat! Just south of Corbetena, like a fiveto ten miles can be very, very productive as well. Giant Dorado, Sails, Marlin and of course YellowFin Tuna will be there when they´re not hanging out at the ¨rock¨. So on any given day, anything is possible at Corbetena. The only bad thing about this location is the crowds. People flock to this location in herds and this of course can drive the fish that are there down or away….

This year is different, with the Dumb Scare Tactics the United States Press has been pushing, people are not out at the fishing grounds! It´s like fishing twenty years ago when you´d be the only one out there, boating fish as fast as your arms and back would allow!

Today out boat Discovery, our 32 ft Luhrs Express came back in with three Yellowfin Tuna in the 60 to 110 lb range. They were boated using a kite and a ¨double trouble¨ rigg where you can have multiple baits on the surface of the water in a mini-bait-ball. This is strong and right now if you´re not using a down rigger to get to cooler water or using a Kite, your chances of boating one of these finned fantasies is pretty slim.

There is a lot of news in Marina Vallarta regarding fishing and what is hapening in the world of fishing. So I plan on  more of these informative articles to keep those interested or just those who come across me and like my stuff…..

If anyone out there has a question on any subject concerning fishing or Puerto Vallarta in General, just fire me a email and I´d be happy to answer anything you bring up….. If you´ve been thinking of coming to Mexico but the press has the day-liights scared out of you, then go to this site that is built on personal articles by people who have been to mexico or live in Mexico. It´s:  I think you´ll find it a wealth of information and will settle your nerves….

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Take Care and remember to take a few minutes out of you day and enjoy the beauty around you!Stan

60 lb Pargo / Cubera Snappr
60 lb Pargo / Cubera Snappr

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