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The name of this fish is ¨Ojo De Pera¨, or Eye of the Bitch, I wonder why?
The name of this fish is ¨Ojo De Pera¨, or Eye of the Bitch, I wonder why?

Jan. 20, 2011

Everyday people come into my shop and marvel at some of the fish pictures I have on my wall. After years of going fishing in what is considered some of the best fishing grounds in the world has produced some impressive fish and even more impressive photos. Everyone always wants to know when the best fishing is. But that is a loaded question, summer is the normally the answer, but what if you don´t want to catch a 300 lb Yellowfin Tuna or a 1,000 lb Black Marlin? Well for those types, yes, there is smaller game fish that doesn´t take hours to get to or a fortune in fuel!

One thing for sure is that Puerto Vallarta has been blessed with all sorts of conditions that produce a variety of game fish available to the visiting angler looking for some fun action, but not Moby Dick. For that guy we, I should say Puerto Vallarta, has several options that satisfy the person looking to hit the bay and have some fun. For most people a fish of fifty pounds is larger than any other fish they have ever caught. Especially if you are looking at Trout, Steel head, Salmon and the list goes on. In fact I tell clients all the time that there is a lot to be said for driving up to a stream, river or lake and not having to take a boat out with all the related expenses. Now don´t get me wrong, big fish in the summer is what it is all about here in Puerto Vallarta. But winter fishing is not exactly slow as many would have you believe. Slow to most of us here in PV means the fish are under a hundred pounds. In comparison, it´s kinda hard to find a fish close to a hundred pounds in a stream or lake, short of Sturgeon. Now imagine you are in one of my boats, you are trolling the area around the Marietta Islands or El Morro and you come up on this fluorescent red patch of water the size of a WalMart parking lot with thousands and thousands of 25lb Red Snappers. Would you steer clear or throw out a line or four?  Well of course you´ll attack that herd of Snappers with everything you got! Tell me then it’s slow as you go in with a full fish box!

Right now we´re seeing Rooster Fish, some days are better than others, but they have been constant and hungry. They may hit 60 or 70 lbs if you are lucky, but even a 30lb Rooster fish (Pez Gallo in Spanish) will put light tackle to the test. Jack Crevalls which take over PV about this time of year are fierce fighters, but they’re smaller and only hit 50lb as a general rule! If you´re near the rivers, Roballo or Snook can hit up to 45 lbs and to my taste buds are better eating than Dorado! Would you call that slow or would you say the guys calling these conditions slow are either jaded or full of himself(s)?

Now if you are a fanatic and you have to have Sailfish, Striped Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna, then great, they´re out there right now. But it is work, it will be more expensive than summer fishing simply for the distance which equates to fuel and hours. But you can have them if you want. Now most of the Anglers at this time of the year are looking for shorter days, smaller boats and smaller fish. Which is fine and the season is right. Even now with historic cold water temperatures with the La Nina conditions you can have the time of your life with smaller game fish! So the next time you hear someone say the fishing is slow or start making excuses for not having Monster Marlin and Yellowfin, keep this article in mind and grab a smaller boat like a super panga. While you´re out there keep an eye peeled for me, I like shorter days where I can maximize my catch and keep the fuel cost down.

Until next time, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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