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65 lb Cubera Snapper, Ken Sutula, Lucky Dog!
65 lb Cubera Snapper, Ken Sutula, Lucky Dog!
This fish is a little heavy for Ken to lift, Is that a problem?
This fish is a little heavy for Ken to lift, Is that a problem?

There are more than Yellowfin Tuna and Marlin in Puerto Vallarta Fishing grounds amigos! One example are these photos of Cubera Snapper. Now this is a 65 lb snapper. It taped out at 90 pounds using some formula Ken Sutla used. Who knows what the formula was, but the scale used said 65 lbs, so 65 it is! Sorry Ken……

Like I always say, Corbeteña is the most versitile location for fishing we have in Puerto Vallarta. With the island or Rock as we call it, the deep troughs that surrond the island and the rocky bottom with structure will hole the interest of most species these famous fishing grounds have to offer.

Pictured here is a friend of mine, Yes his name is Ken Sutula, who on Sirena (not a Master Baiter’s boat for the record) using a down rigger of about 60 feet got this nice Red Scaled beauty. Now Ken is just under six feet tall, so these will give you an idea of how big this fish really is. Imagine that there are those people who will turn their nose up at these fish because that is bottom fishing and of course they, who ever ¨they¨ are, won´t lower themselves to bottom fishing. OK, I don´t understand that logic, but there you are.

For those who like fish pictures, here are a few nice ones to rev up that imagination of yours and hopefully get you here to Puerto Vallarta in the near future……

Enjoy the photos and remember, a bad day fishing in Puerto Vallarta is still better than the best day at work!


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