The web Site Bloody Decks is the Joke of the Big Game Charter Industry and Here´s Why:  A few years back, a well known captain here in Puerto Vallarta came across a couple of ¨Skaters¨ and the conversation came up on how there was very little information about fishing coming out of Puerto Vallarta (PV). The idea of Bloody Decks came up and a generic fishing report or forum format was used. People were allowed to post fishing reports for their area for free. Now it started with Puerto Vallarta and spread out to other  areas like Southern California, Florida, Hawaii and other locations less exotic. Not really a bad idea and it could generate revenue for the charter companies who post their reports. Simple Idea, but for one thing,  It never took into account the quality of the person who would be posting these reports. On top of that, the forums were open to comments from the ¨Peanut Gallery¨. Most people are reserved and don´t go to extremes with language, photos of half naked chicks and blatant attacks on those who post articles. I don´t mean just some, I mean everyone that posted a fishing report about Vallarta! Now a few years later, Bloody Decks has its own tournaments, quite a following and it is still a low classed, low rent site that promotes the Puerto Vallarta Taliban! That’s right, post an article and if you spell a word wrong,  you´re the dumbest idiot on the planet. And this all comes from guys who never made it on a campus of a college, let alone attend! Now I don´t know about the other places Bloody Decks post articles about, but I do know that Puerto Vallarta was the main reason the site was put up. So I thought I´d post some articles of clients day fishing with the company I own. If  you don’t know by now, I own Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle® in Puerto Vallarta. We´re one of the oldest Fishing companies in PV and we´re world famous. Sounds impressive, but don´t be too impressed, there aren’t that many companies with a name like ours, so it gets us a lot of attention. Both positive and negative…. So, getting back to the subject, I start posting nice and brief articles on the site about clients’ catches from the day or day before. Immediately after I posted my first article, the Taliban came after me. How dare I post an article on the Taliban’s site. Didn´t I know I wasn´t welcome, being the owner of Master Baiter´s and all, was I nuts? Then came the Slanderous comments. One guy,  his  name will remain anonymous, accused me and my company of embezzling peoples money and that my money back guarantee on our fishing trips was a scam,  I never paid anyone on the guarantee. In fact, this guy went on to say that was why he started his fishing company so people would be able to fish with a reputable company and not be scammed at Master Baiter´s… No kidding, they even went beyond that. In fact they started a smear campaign, all 12 of the Taliban, most of which live in Canada, did everything they could to get me off that site, which I was having fun with. But that all came to a halt when the site banned me from posting clean, informative and accurate articles. Of course the Taliban didn´t like the idea that I ignored their comments and threatened legal action against the site for allowing slanderous statements and out and out lies about me and my company. After some thought and reflection, I came to understand that the general public (their readers) didn´t go to bloody decks for information that was accurate. They were going to the site because of the Trash Talk, Half Naked women, swearing and lying…. The non-stop attacks on visiting anglers who wanted to post an article on their fishing trips has all but stopped unless you´re a ¨friend of the taliban¨.   I remember this one guy posted an article that did sound like it was stretching some facts a little. But nothing outside of acceptable embellishments. After all we are all fisherman and the fish will just continue to get larger as time goes by in our memories. If you ever caught a large fish, you know this…. Anyway, the Taliban jumped on this guy’s article and called him everything under the sun using all the four letter words in Devils dictionary. Shortly afterwards I noticed that there weren´t any locals except the 12 Taliban that posted articles about Puerto Vallarta. Then I noticed that the Taliban spent so much time blowing smoke up each others asses that they stopped writing about fishing and started writing about the whore they boinked on the boat the night before. Something that I wouldn´t want my son or daughter reading about for sure.  The one thing I really ¨love¨ about Bloody Decks and their Taliban, when they speak or write of a day on the water, of course they´re super men. They are so busy patting themselves on the back, that they don´t have the desire or  energy left to maintain their boats! That´s right folks, they have horrible boats, they provide bad service and they´ve been known to scam clients out of money owed them and much, much worse. I tell you this from clients that used to fish with these guys and now fish with Master Baiter´s! You see, I see everything from my Marina View point. Boats coming in, going out, not leaving the docks, you name it. I know the boats that are broken, need maintenance, are being repossed or are scamming clients who think they went to El Banco, but in reality went half way there, slowly…. If you think I hate Bloody Decks, you´ve got that right. The reason I really don´t like the site  is if it wasn´t for Bloody Decks, these low rent Fishing charter companies would be out of business. That´s right folks, the only marketing these Taliban boats do is this free stuff because that is the sort of people they are. If you´re looking for a fishing boat and you want a decent boat, there are many sites that are reputable and charge companies for the privilege for posting their articles. So you’ll know right off the bat that you can at least trust these folks. I don´t care where you´re going, you can trust the companies posted on sites like Western Out Door News,, World Wide Fishing Guide to name a few. You won´t find swear word, Naked chicks, or a Taliban waiting to ambush you for posting an innocent article about your day. For the record, I know several people involved in this level of Sportfishing that used to post articles, then stopped for the same reasons I just listed. People who are not strangers to publications like Marlin Mag, ESPN and Fox Sports to name a few. None of which give Bloody Decks any credibility at all. So be aware and know what you´re getting when you read Bloody Decks. Don’t let your kids read this stuff, it will fry their brains. And remember this, when these guys start pointing fingers all the way from Canada,  you´ve always got at least three pointing back at you. If the only way you can drum up business is by cutting some vacationing angler off at the Knees so you can look like an expert, iy only makes you look stupid. If the only guy talking you up, is you, then you have nothing going for yourself. Only when others say you´ve got something going for you, is when you can start to think you’re doing something right. If you’re looking for a charter, anywhere in the world, I will help you find the guys you can rely on and trust. If they´re off Bloody Decks, beware, they’re a bunch of liars that prey on those who think the site is cool, therefore they must be cool also. After all, they said they are!! My name is Stan Gabruk, Owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle® in Puerto Vallarta. We´ve been in business since 2000 and we´re world Famous. Master Baiter´s is a two time WBS Billfishing series World Champions for malin in 2000 and 2001. Nobody on Bloody Decks can come close to making a claim even close to that. You can read my weekly articles on my web site: or at World Wide Fishing Guide, Western Outdoor News, Marlin Mag online or my blog at:< /a> . So Bloody Decks, put that in your pipe and smoke it! OH, I also now have a biweekly program on on fishing in Puerto Vallarta Called ¨Vallarta Fishing Experience¨ where we promote the Puerto Vallarta Yacht and Charter Association ( The Taliban has started a barrage on the company trying to kill my articles. But it’s like this, nobody goes after the number two guy. So if the only way they can get any attention in this world is to be haters and tear others down, it doesn´t give them much time to pat themselves on their own backs….. I guess I should thank these guys for the compliment. In any case, I won´t stop what I have been doing for years and years now. And maybe when Bloody Decks actually gets these guys some business, maybe they will clean their act up and try to put a professional face out there instead of some foul mouthed fat whore on their site and focus on their money maker, fishing in Puerto Vallarta…… Stay tuned!

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  1. so if I come fishing with you, can we kill as many Dorado as we like? You posted that we can catch 10 each, I believe…..

    and I agree. those guys at Bloody Decks are mean.

  2. Hello Benny, Kill as many Dorado as you like? I’d like to think you would keep what you can eat, share a little with the crew, then throw the rest back. There are fishing regulations in Mexico and it’s a ten point system. Legally, Dorado are considered three points each, no matter how small or how big. But there is no enforcement on these regulations, so frankly, it is wide open. One good thing about Dorado is they won’t go to waste. But with the projected diminished populations, we can’t afford to waste this resource or none of will have any to catch. I hope this answers your questions amigo….. Stan

  3. I tend to agree with you. I register and posted about a year ago an experience that we had with a charter company from near Punta Mita that was run by a local judge who used the police to basically extorted us for more money when we returned from fishing. Bloody Decks deleted my post and banned me for life for telling the truth and giving other fishermen the heads up on this outfit. Such has been the extent of my experience with that forum.

  4. That is the way they operate. Write something about one of their Bloody Decks Taliban cronies, tell the world how to avoid their friends, they drop you like a hot potato. So much for being a respectable fishing forum. I get nasty comments from the BD Taliban, so don´t feel bad. I had some more guys cme in the shop the other day and tell me how the site is a Joke and how they looked at it a few times, but haven’s since it was such a low rent forum. If it’s free and it’s not moderated except to ban people, then what is it, ultimately a Joke…. Thanks for your comments. I suggest to post your fishing reports on, it´s free and it has some class….. for more locations, fire me an email and I will forward you some great, professional sites …. Stan

  5. After 3000+ post on BD I was banned with the an accusation that I, through a post, brought ‘Legal action’ against BD for slander with the LR vessel ‘Excel’….The same Excel that has gladly accepted thousands upon thousands of dollars of my hard earned cash. I call bullshit. There is no slander asking what a 3.5% ‘Convenience fee’ is all about on the boards. I have been very salty in past posts and never banned. This tells me that maybe there is more to this than meets the eye….”Oops! We ran into some problems.
    You have been banned for the following reason: Now we are in legal trouble with the Excel for slander. Bye Bye.. “

  6. Join the crowd amigo… I was banned because I know the inside story on BD… The pledgurized an article i wrote, changed it, then reposted it and told the world “Look what I wrote”… So I know these pricks. Your comments don’t surprise me and I hope anyone reading this will understand that Bloody Decks is a shit site…. Thank you very much.

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