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The Champagne days of Sportfishing Continues! 

Written by Stan Gabruk


If I told you that in the highest part of high season for both fishing and tourism you could have Puerto  Vallarta´s world famous fishing grounds absolutely to yourself, you´d probably think I was telling you a fishy story. But these are indeed the conditions that exist at Corbeteña and El Banco. Now you may think the fishing must be horrible if there are no boats heading out, but that would be an ¨inaccurate¨ presumption. The reason I say this is because the fishing is incredible with not a single sportsman in sight. Black Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, all the players are here. The only thing missing is YOU.

Capt Cesar of Magnifico with his ¨Day off¨ fish. He works the boat all week and what does he do, he goes fishing for himself on his days off. You think Master Baiter´s Captains are Passionate about their ¨work¨….

These champagne days of Sportfishing are short lived. They only happen between Thanksgiving and just after New Year’s Day. The water conditions are predictably the best they will be for the year and right now you will find it all to yourself. Lets face it fishing is not cheap, it never has been and never will be. Those looking to cut corners are always just that, cutting corners and missing the big opportunities. Those looking for a real fishing experience of a lifetime can have it now, but it´s going to cost you if you are going to play to win. For now this means going the distance, El Banco, Corbeteña and of course the Tres Maria Islands. How far is far, that depends I guess on what you´re used to. Those Southern Cal guys, they´ll  go hundreds of miles to boat 60 lb Albacore. We use this sized Tuna as bait or Karnada in Spanish. Those guys think fifty to over a hundred miles is a short trip. Others think an eight hour day to the Marietta Islands is too long. They want to catch Moby Dick off Yelapa and if I could be so kind as to arrange it so he (Moby) is there at 2:30 P.M. so they don´t have to wait. OK amigo, you got it…..

Capt Cesar again off Zig Zag with one monster Cubera Snapper!

For the very, very few that are heading out they´ll find whatever species they are looking for, that is if you go for more than six hours. These four hour trips are catching nothing you would want to write home about, unless you´re near Yelapa, then you have a shot at some nice sized footballs or 40 lb YF Tuna… or Skippies as we call them. Maybe, just Maybe a Sailfish if you’re off the beach by about seven to ten miles. So no complaining about what these “promoters” promised before they stole your deposit as you stand by waiting for a boat that is not coming. Me, already they tell everyone I am dead or they’re ME. So I guess you have a ghost writing this from the grave.

Marietta Islands have sprung back into shape after a few slow days. Dorado is the main player around the islands right now running anywhere from35 to 50 lbs. Remember to throw the babies and the females back if you ever want to fish them again in the future. I don’t care how much you like the “roe” you are eating my next catch and release fantasy! So throw them back, this is serious stuff. Yellowfin Footballs running 35 to 45 lbs, but mostly out from the island. Snappers at 25 lbs, Bonito, Sailfish in the 80 lb range which is nice sized. The bite is still in the mid morning into the mid day, then a round 3 O’clock in la Tarde or in the afternoon! Live bait is still king, silver diamond jigs are working well, if you put a hook on your car keys that will probably work as well, no rocket science here amigo.

Yellowfin Football caught off Corbeteña with spinner dolphin everywhere!

Corbetena, El Banco, take your pick, the players are going back and forth so it’s a coin toss for now. I still prefer Corbetena to El Banco, but El Banco has potential for the larger Marlin, but just when you discount the rock, you’ll be sorry. So toss a coin and have faith brother! Yellowfin Tuna can run from 75 lbs to well over 200 lbs. If you have time on your hands and the desire for YF Tuna runs deep, you could be working a 250 lb Cow until your arms fall off at the Tres Maria Islands on a “ Find the Fish” overnight trip. My suggestion, make sure that cheap boat you’r going out on has a harness so you can lean your body weight into the fight. Twice the power, half the strain. Dorado are running 45 to 55 or so pounds. Larger Sailfish are still prevalent for now, they seem to be preferring Google Eyes for bait and I would run a cedar plug as well. Cedar plugs may be an old favorite you may ignore, but you should be running one with live bait and you never know what may happen next. Blue water, perfect temperatures, abundant bait and big fish. You want it amigo, we’ve got your “fish hangin”!

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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