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Hello and Welcome To Our Boats! We have great fishing year round here in Puerto Vallarta. Scroll down to see boats and skip the following facts and data which supports your day on the water if you’re already familiar with Master Baiter’s. If not we suggest you take the time to acquaint yourself with our company and at the same time have the following information at your “fingertips”. 

We have several charter options to choose from, I’m sure we have one that best fits your needs:

As experienced professional fisherman we know what a fishing trip should be so our motivations are in line with yours. For that reason, we have a deeper commitment to having professional equipment, fresh line and smooth Drags. Our Captains and Crews speak English so the only way you´ll have a communication problem is if you start speaking Espanol!

We put 10  to 15 baits on the boat, depending on the trip duration. You have the option of buying more. If it looks like extra live bait is needed, we´ll let you know this before you go out. Nothing worse than running out of live bait when it’s the only thing working that day.

Even if you´re not a professional, we´ll treat you like you are and look out for the things you would never know you need.

As far as Tackle and Equipment goes, you won’t find any better than my boats are equipped with. No worries there…… Also we don’t waste your time with a low end product that doesn’t use fuel. By that I mean almost all fishing boats and companies are using less fuel, which means heading to the fishing grounds could take more than double the time Master Baiters’s takes to get to the same location. Many boats are going about 10 mph dragging baits as they skip on top of the water. This means the crew is trying to make you think  you’re fishing, they may even say that you are “fishing”, but what you’re actually doing is getting screwed if you didn’t know this up front! If you look at what you’re paying for, a full service charter or fishing trip, then you’re losing fishing time. And lets face it, you’re paying for time with your line in the water at the chosen fishing grounds. Looking at cheaper and lower quality boats it looks like a better deal until you find out the hard way that in stead of having six fishing hours on an eight hour charter, you’re getting maybe, maybe four, probably three house fishing where you paid to go! So if the price is the only question you’re asking then you’ll get what you paid for. Remember a Mexican business man is not going to lose money, they’re in business to make money and catch fish. If that means cutting prices and services then they’ll do that. We won’t, we have a higher expectation of ourselves and we know what the Fishing enthusiast is looking for. English speaking crews, Professional level maintained equipment like reels with smooth drags, fresh line and plenty of lures and color to insure you have the best chances of coming in with that “Bucket List” finned fantasy you’ve been dreaming about! Master Baiter’s is one of the very few fishing companies with the federal SECTUR tourism licenses where we’re certified as a reputable company with the full support of the board of Tourism and Consumer Protection Agency or PROFECO. So ask for this license from our competition and if the person you’re talking with has no clue of this license, you’re dealing with the wrong people. 

Our Boats:

“Bella Del Mar “

26 ft Donzi Center Console

El Profeta  28 ft Super Panga with Head

On Example, four Super Pangas of equal quality available.

28FT Super Panga, 4 to Choose from

Charter Prices:


29ft Boston Whaler with extra shade in front available

29 ft Boston Whaler Center Console with Built-in Head

Charter Pricing: