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Dorado in the bay!

I just dread this time of the year when we know things will be changing and then suddenly it smacks you in the face! After last week, I knew it was going to take a few days for things to improve. And improve they have, but not significantly. Remembering none of this is a surprise in any way, it’s something we have to deal with. Yes folks, we’re in another transition period, it happens every six months and it always happens a few weeks after the New Year’s Holiday. But that doesn’t mean Puerto Vallarta’s world class fishing has turned for the worse. Now it’s different, sure, but the fishing is still great, you just have to change your focus. With this “transition” we need to focus on the winter species moving into the area now!

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Living like a Local:

With the drastic storms up north, cold currents have moved in aggressively, thus the dirty water of last week and the sudden disappearance of our warm water species. But fear not amigos, Bass and Grouper are moving into the bay from their hiding spots as you read this. Yes, for the lucky, Sailfish, Striped Marlin and Dorado are still in the area. For how much longer, that’s the real question. The bottom line here is to stay positive, change your focus and start thinking “light tackle”!

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The dirty water last week at Corbetena, has now turned to light blue water. What does that mean, well the water is a mix of “clean green” and blue water. That’s an improvement and we’ll take it. Sailfish and Striped Marlin are still in the area, but the density is down because they’re moving all over the place. In fact five miles north of the rock heading north is sporting Striped Marlin and Dorado over 20 lbs. Now nothing is automatic, it’s going to be work and you should plan on “pushing” some water, aka use fuel to find fish. The biggest challenge for the entire area isn’t the fact the fish density is thinning out, but the real problem is massive amounts of small Squids, Krill and all the different baits available. For the most part all the bait and normal fish are chowing down on several types of small Squids we normally use for trolling and casting are also full of this Krill.  So even the bait is full of Squids and Krill. The only way to address this challenge is throw everything at them. Rapallas are working, Poppers may work, Live bait, dead bait, throw the kitchen sink at them and let me know what’s working. So anywhere from five miles to the “midpoint”, aka the area half way between Corbetena and El Banco is mostly blue water and potentially the best area to be fishing. UPDATE: Corbetena is still that “light blue” color, but things have changed. I don’t know if it’s the Dorado migrating south or what, but ten to fifteen miles north of Corbetena, I call it Mid-Point, there is a lot of Dorado action. Average Dorado for the last few days has been over 25 lbs. Water temperatures seem to be coming up a bit, not a big surprise after the drastic drop last week… Nothing has changed regarding baits… This won’t last, but if you’re lucky enough to be here in PV right now, then you hit the late season Dorado Gold Mine… Stay tuned.

Starting at El Morro, heading towards Punta Nayarit, about 3 miles out you’ll run into plenty of Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito, and Jack Crevalles with a Dorado mix. That’s a strange cocktail I’d say, but you could still find Sailfish and the rare Striped Marlin for the lucky. If by some luck you’re 11 miles off the point of Punta Nayarit, on a heading of 290 you’ll find mostly clean green water and Dorado to 20 lbs or larger. Start at the 3 mile mark and take the heading. Find any log, floating dead Whale, or a buoy and you’ve found Dorado heaven. North of Sayulita there are Sailfish and possible Rooster fish. Be advised, it could take you all day to boat a Dorado, so be prepared and make sure you hit the bite. UPDATE: The area around Punta Mita, now known as Punta Nayarit has had great action when it comes to Dorado once again. Find a buoy or floating debris and your arms will fall off. Sailfish are running the area as well but no reports of any being boated.

Bonita’s and one Sierra Mackerel

Inside the bay we’re seeing strange things. Sailfish were boated off La Cruz Marina the other day on a Rapalla! Bonito are in the 12 to 20 lb range all over the bay. Dorado are still being caught, but they’re around 10 lbs and they’re “throw backs”. Sierra Mackerels have returned and super plentiful. Light tackle days with smaller gamefish can make for a fun day full of action. Throw is Jack Crevalles, which have been a bit picky taking baits because they’re full of eggs. But the bay has it’s challenges as well and it’s all about Krill. Yes it seems we’re plagued with Krill. The tiny red, pea sized Krill Squids of red have half the bay looking like red tide. Mackerels, Bonito, Jack Crevalles and even Sailfish are eating this favorite bait like it’s going out of style. For the “Bass” types, with the cold water temperatures the Bass and Grouper are finally moving in closer to shore and around the river mouths. Right now any species in the bay can be anywhere at any time. You will have a great day on the water, but patience is the secret and make sure you hit the bite right.

Big Dorado!!

With early winter fishing and water temperatures dropping like a rock it’s time to think about small game and light tackle fishing. Dorado and Sailfish are not going to be around much longer if things return to normal after a La Nina Year. The bite is on and off, but be where you want to be before 09:00. Be prepared to use fuel or you may come back empty handed. Having said that, for those looking to “take a chance” could come in with Life long Memories!

Thanks for your continued support and until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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