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Roll the Dice Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

You know, we’ve been in this El Nino Rollercoaster for many months now. Which by the way followed a La Nina stretch of about two years. To say the present current situations, water temperatures and species specifics is confusing would be an understatement. To be boating (catching) schooling Yellowfin Tuna or Chasing Spinner Dolphin in March is the sort of thing that only happens in an El Nino World. Now when you’re fishing in Puerto Vallarta’s world famous fishing grounds, you welcome this ‘weirdness’. Extending the summer fishing season into late winter fishing excitement in the form of Dorado, Sailfish and Striped Marlin is welcome to say the least. Now you’ll need to push a fair amount of water, but the simple fact you have 60 to 80 lb Yellowfin Tuna at your disposal should push the fuel cost, mentally at least, aside. While the fish maybe spread out, meaning thin but in most of the fishing grounds, we should remember to thank our lucky stars for the great fishing Puerto Vallarta is experiencing right now!

Surprisingly Great P.V. Fishing Continues

On a weekly basis now, I seem to be the biggest pessimist in the area. I keep thinking the fishing is going to turn and I’m sending people out “hoping” they catch fish. Then my crews send me pictures and I turn into an optimist. So I give up, the fishing is great until further notice. Why would I say this, because the fishing in Puerto Vallarta is much better than I would expect it to be! Even with cool water temperatures, several of our warm water species are still hanging around and the only reason is bait. Krill, Sardines, Goggle eyes, Flying fish and the list seems endless. So we now know, bait trumps cold water. I’ve learned my lesson and my inner optimist is excited for what news the next fishing day will bring. This week we saw Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado and if that doesn’t turn you into an optimist, when winter species should be moving in, then you may have turned into ‘me’!