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Marina Vallarta Las Palmas I Local 3

What the Hell R U Thinkin North America, Look IN YOUR Own Back Yard!

Many people for some reason do not know that Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Exist. It is rated in the top ten private marinas in the world and nobody knows about it. There are 150 shops, 15 restaurants, El Faro Bar where the likes of Mel Gibson visit when in town, besides the view is incredible. When it comes to Hollywood types, PV is where they started and their homes are spectacular old money homes! All in Puerto Vallarta´s ¨other¨ Malicon or Board Walk. The Dollar is strong, hotels and airfare´s are way down. Occupancy is down as well everywhere. We´re still, Two years running now, AARP Put Puerto Vallarta down on paper as the best place on Earth to Retire! The G-20 World Economic Summit happened in Cabo. We had he World Economic Conference of Latin America here in PV. President Obama was here for that as well. We had Tiangue A primarily Latin America Tourist Convention that focuses on world markets, including travel from Latin America to North America