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Crazy Currents, Krill and Your Bag of Tricks

Well, we made it past the holidays with decent fishing if not challenging. When it comes to Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta, right now anything is possible. From Corbetena to Punta Nayarit (aka Punta Mita) it’s a real mixed bag and if you don’t have the inside scoop, you’re struggling. For the last few weeks we’ve seen a rollercoaster of water temperatures, crazy currents, massive amounts of Krill (aka whale food), Blue water, Clean Green water, you name it, we’ve been dealing with it. Some days the fishing is on fire, other days they’re nowhere to be found and even worse, when you do find them, they won’t take bait. We’ve seen this all before and the experienced captains know what to do. So what’s the answer, for now we’re throwing the “kitchen sink” at them, once again demonstrating how important a “bag of tricks” at the ready is! Even with massive amounts of bait in the water lures will still “work”.  But things will be changing soon, our warm water summer species of Marlin and Tuna will be bugging out soon. For now if you’re lucky enough to be in Puerto Vallarta fishing, you’ve still got time to get that “Bucket List” finned fantasy before we transition to winter species.