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Marina Vallarta Las Palmas I Local 3

Fishing Basics, The Trash Line and Fishing High Season

As we come into the summer season, for the most part now the ‘breeding season’, you know Spring fishing season when the fishing is not at it’s best. No worries, it passed us by this year, but that means we’re coming into the beginning of High Season for Big Game Fishing! Sailfish will be picking up in numbers, Striped Marlin may already be roaming PV’s deep water locations and this is just the beginning. It gets pointed out to me all the time that most people don’t have my level of knowledge about the bay. Now I am a long way from being an expert, but I am familiar with the local area and this is what we’ll be seeing in the next few coming weeks. Puerto Vallarta is coming back to life, Fishing is open, but the supporting local businesses open June 1st and we’re already getting reservations.

Tourism, Sportfishing, and Your Safety

Visiting a new place is always a fun and exciting adventure. Puerto Vallarta is no different than any other world class vacation destination. Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers all want to attract your business and of course your tourist dollars. We all also know that when you travel to places like Puerto Vallarta, it’s important to remember that you are not “In Kansas any more”. While it is easy to forget in many ways that you’re in a foreign land, people seem to put their “thinking caps” in their back pockets many times. It’s almost a back handed complement, North American types with big hearts many times are easy marks for the unaware. A simple rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t do “it” at home, then don’t do it here in PV. The things I have seen are amazing, enough said.