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World Class Fishing the Tres Maria Islands for Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Some important Facts You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else!             

Before I move on, you legally can’t fish within twelve miles of Madre Island. Now in the winter time this doesn’t work for the Southern California boats because they’re trying to make their year, avoid the slow season of winter in California. But here’s the deal nobody is telling these California anglers, it’s not easy catching Yellowfin Tuna when the navy is busy chasing the boat you rented out. You see, these boats are fishing well within six miles of the island and frankly if you want to catch Yellowfin Tuna in February, you have to be on the reefs, the most sensitive part of the ecosystem. What the Navy does, they come and board your boat, have a nice, sometimes heated conversation with the Mexican navy protecting this area. The results these days are the Navy grabs the boat, the crew and everyone onboard and force them to go to the Island. There they’ll be held for the day if you’re lucky. The navy knows the Anglers on the boat are innocent and know nothing about them patrolling the area. But the captain, the crew and the owners are not telling you about this. You aren’t hitting these islands at the optimal time of the year!

Best Winter Fishing I’ve Ever Seen, Sailfish, Stripers & Squids

If you go back and review any of my old reports, you’d notice they all follow a seasonal pattern. Warm water means big summer species like Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish and Dorado. Winter Species of Jack Crevalls, Snappers, Bonito, limited Sailfish are also in the area. So for us to have most of the aforementioned species is just incredible! Water temperatures are cool, but not freezing for fish. Bait is off the hook and frankly we have plenty of fish, but with super amounts of “whale” food, all the players are participating in the worlds largest “fish smorgasbord”! If you’re looking for some great action, we’ve got what you’re looking for.