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Know your fishing equipment, Fluorocarbon vs Monofilament, The pluses and minuses of each

I was talking with Capt. Cesar a few weeks back and I was asking him what Fluorocarbon line was going for, as he replied about two dollars a meter or yard, it sounded correct, but expensive. Monofilament is 75% cheaper. Both have specific good and bad points. But when you walk into a tackle shop and you look around you are in essence in a fish hardware store. Each product has a specific use, it is up to you to decide how it’s all going to be put together hopefully using your local knowledge to guide your way. But what if you don’t know “why” you would want a specific type product? It’s just fishing, right? Fishing line is just fishing line, right? The answer is of course, yes, it’s just fishing, and Leonardo just painted pictures. It all depends on how you decide to look at things.